Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12th Letter

Dear Family,

Transfers . . . what the!? Time just flies by . . . Our verdict is that Sister Pagel is leaving and Sister Riggs and I are staying in La Jolla together. We'll see exactly what happens tomorrow morning. Here are the highlights..

Tuesday we played sports with our zone and then we had a lesson with Tanya. She was at Disneyland this past weekend and brought us some Mickey lollipops. So nice of her! She is really excited for her baptism. Next we had a lesson with James and he seemed in higher spirits and said he would come to church on Sunday. We had a lesson with Patrick after and he is wanting the desire to come back to church, so we are excited for that improvement. David told us that he went to the temple this morning and did baptisms!! Haha, he is so awesome.

Wednesday we have zone meeting which was good! It was a great reminder to really know Preach My Gospel. I am so grateful for PMG. We had a lesson with Taylor and talked with her about enduring to the end and invited her to make a promise to herself about it. MoBat was good! I met this guy named Brother Whittaker who knows Dad!

Thursday we had training and it was wonderful. We talked and practiced our initial contact with people when they come and then shortly after I met this guy named Dan who drives tour buses from Canada and I was able to apply what we practiced and it was so cool! He knows some Mormons and he was just so awesome! I invited him to read the Book of Mormon. It was just a really cool conversation. We met with Tanya after. We taught her the last of the commandments and then she had her interview and she passed :) Next we met with Brandon and then we stopped by a potential and she sadly didn't want to learn more so we left her our info and some things to read just in case she changes her mind. 

Friday happy birthday to Adam!! We had studies and then went to the chiropractor. He is helping me so much! We had temple today and it was freezing! I met this family from Orem . . . last name, Preston! The guy knew Adam and Matt and the daughter knew Abby! I took a picture with him and he sent it to Adam I think. We had coordination and then a lesson with David about eternal marriage and temples. We invited him to read the Family Proclamation. I love the Family Proclamation! Next we met with Stanley and talked to him about the importance of the sacrament. He said he'd come to church this Sunday. He hasn't been for a while. Next we had a lesson with a potential and we added him! His name is Max. After we had a lesson with Daniel. He is warming up to us! 

Saturday was AWESOME! It was Tanya's baptism and that was wonderful. She was so happy and her roommates came to support her and said that she had been so excited for this day. It was very short and sweet. One of the people giving the talks didn't show up and so they asked David to speak about baptism and he did awesome! Right on the spot. After we had choir practice for the mission president fireside and then I went on exchanges to Chula Vista! Because guess what?!?! Brandon's mom, Jessica, got baptized!!!! And Brandon baptized her. It was SO cool!! Sister Davies, Mulipola, and I sang at the baptism (P.S. Mom that video you got from Sister Dibelka was meant to be of us singing but she accidentally sent the wrong one, haha) but it was such a sweet experience! We had dinner with them after and then we went and taught the Cruz family. It was cool to be back in Chula :) but it also made me realized that my heart is in La Jolla now! Haha, I think Heavenly Father just is so nice to allow us to be able to love wherever we are and know that it is the right place for us. 

Sunday MoBat was pretty busy. We went to Tanya's confirmation and then went to our ward. David passed the sacrament for the first time! Church was really great. This girl named Racquel came. She isn't a member but her boyfriend is and goes to BYU so we set up a time to meet with her this next week. After church we had dinner with a member, Brittany. I love her! She is so funny and the food was delicious. Next we went to the mission president fireside which was so good as always! David came and we asked if he would speak at the next one and he said yes :) Sis Riggs and an Elder (Elder Dehlin) sang a duet that was so good! 

Monday we had a lesson with Stanley about setting goals and making Heavenly Father apart of the goals and then we tried contacting a few people and then had a lesson with David about service. Sister Pagel and I took our last tour as companions :( haha we can still take tours together, but we won't be companions so it won't be the same. 

Sorry if this is scattered . . .  Phone call day is always CRAZY!! Lots of distractions haha. I am doing great though! Love being a missionary, love every opportunity to learn and grow! I hope you are all doing well and that you have a great week. I love you so much!!!

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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