Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30th Letter

Hello Family!

Good week again!

Wednesday I met with E. Seegmiller forever. He wants me to help them out with designing flyers and stuff for the MoBat. I am so excited about it! Uncle Mark came in today! I was so surprised and so happy to see him! We had a nice little chat and I got to see his fancy new car :) I was really grateful he came to visit! Also Sue dropped off some granola for me. She has tried to come see me 4 times! I am sad she keeps missing me. This night we helped Edith pack up some things in her home and then we had dinner at the Moffetts. Brother Moffett is from Ireland and is a convert and he is the man! Seriously he makes the gospel every aspect of his life and it is so cool! He is the ultimate member missionary. Some day I will be like him, haha hopefully. We had coordination with our ward mission leader.

Thursday we helped Edith again with packing and taught her a little. We took a member some cookies for her birthday and then we had a lesson with Fernando. We street contacted him a couple weeks ago and we were able to talk with him about the book of mormon. It was a sweet lesson and he is super open about learning! One of the senior sister's brother came in today and he looks like Santa Clause! He actually plays him professionally and gave us some pictures he had taken professionally that are in magazines and stuff, haha, it was awesome. 

Friday oh yeah. . . first off I have been meaning to tell you the funny ways people pronounce my name... it's either Rasmoooosen or RasmuNsen . . . I never know where they get that N in the middle... but everyone calls me that hah even sisters here at the MoBat! Basically anyone we contact though asks me where my name is from and they don't know how to say it, haha I never knew my name was so foreign. There was a mission presidents seminar here in San Diego and so for part of it they came to the MoBat. I got to meet mission presidents from all over! It was way cool. I met some that have been my friends' mission presidents. I also met this guy Brother Heaton who knows Rus. We had district meeting and then visited a few potentials and then had a lesson with Brandon. We watched The Testaments . . . and right when it was at the part where they crucified Christ, the dvd broke!!! It was so lame . . .  the Spirit was so strong and then it just broke . . . boo! But we were able to bring it back thankfully! He is still doing so great! He even expressed how he's seen a change in himself which was so cool to hear! We ran into another potential and talked to her about prayer. Then after planning the sisters had a popsicle party :)

Saturday, Happy birthday, Maxwell!! Thought about you today! We tried contacting some referrals and then we helped Edith. Her brother started talking to us about the gospel and said he saw the book of mormon sitting on her table and read a bunch of it last night! We had a great talk with him. We had temple shift tonight and talked to a family from orange county about the gospel forever, but they said they are comfortable with their lives . . .  I think that is one of my least favorite answers. We came back to the MoBat and did chat.

Sunday was the Primary program! It was SO adorable!! haha I love the Primary program, and Brandon came to church!! Woohooo! We also found out that he might be baptized this Saturday!!! He is praying about it and we should find out tonight if he decided this weekend was right or not!!! So exciting. We had dinner with the Breggs, such an awesome family! We talked about The District forever because they were super involved with the filming. We contacted a referral and she was way cute and willing to listen, but she said she's busy, but she promised she would try to find some time.So let's hope she does! We had a lesson with a less active . . .  this family makes me sad . . . they just have some difficult circumstances. The mom is really trying hard to change, and we told her that we know she can if she is willing to put her full faith to Jesus Christ and His atonement. 

Monday I went on exchanges with Sister O'Neill in Logan Heights! aka a sSpanish area. Haha! It was quite an adventure. I didn't understand too much of what was going on. I did say 2 prayers in Spanish though and bore my testimony so that was cool :) And then for one lady I told how Grandma was a convert and that we did work for her family and I got to do baptisms for some of them and it was a way cool experience and Sister O'Neill translated it all for me and the lady asked me to repeat the story because she thought it was so beautiful. So that was cool! That's something I have learned . . .  when the Spirit speaks, it is beautiful! MoBat was great as always. I did take a historian on the tour though who wasn't a member and after we had a pretty interesting conversation about how he appreciated our story of inspiration but historically it was super biased . . . but I am glad he thought it was inspiring! Because it truly is. I invited him to go to mormon.org. That website is so sweet! 

Today . . .  the reason I am writing so late is because this morning we went to the temple! It was soO wonderful! I love the temple :)

Happy Halloween tomorrow!! I best be seeing some pics of everyone's Halloween costumes! Seriously though . . .  We have to be in at 6:00PM tomorrow so we are having a party at the MoBat :) yay! 

I love you all so much!!

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23rd Letter

Dear Family!

Great week! As usual.. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAXWELL!!! On Thursday. I can't believe you are going to be 18... Holy cow!!! You are growing up on me! Here are some highlights..

Wednesday we had a lesson with Melody. We watched President Uchtdorf's talk from conference with her. The Spirit was definitely present! She really enjoyed the talk and said she was going to watch more of them. We talked to her more about baptism and she said that she doesn't feel ready yet . . . if she was going to be baptized soon, she said she feels like it would be for us and not for herself. She still wants to learn and progress and she said that the hole in herself is being filled each time we meet and as she does the things we ask her to do. I know it won't be long before she's ready! She said her son wants to be baptized too! He's 9. She is such an awesome woman! She is going to be a powerhouse member one day. Oh funny story we tried contacting this lady and she saw us for one second and just said she didn't want to be brainwashed . . .  I wish we could've seen our faces.. haha we weren't aware that we brainwash people. We street contacted a guy named Hugo who has been looking for a church to attend. We invited him and we got his number to hopefully go teach him more this week! This night at the Battalion it was a little slower so Sis Davies, Madsen, Miller and myself sat out on the porch and sang hymns. I loved it!

Thursday I read this awesome story . . . "A lady, having been recently baptized, was asked what it was like to be converted. She replied, "It's like being a pumpkin. God picks you from the patch and brings you in. He washes off all the dirt and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new, smiling face and puts His light inside of you for the entire world to see." Oh my goodness.. I loved that soooo much! I read some other awesome stories today about Ephraim Hanks. He was an amazing man!! And I remembered one of the stories from trek! Sis Davies and I cleaned the courthouse at the state park today. Oh also today I went on my first Spanish tour... hahaha. I said bienvenidos! Sister Salinas was taking a Spanish tour and there were just guys and all the other Spanish-speaking sisters were busy so I just went with her. Haha I just sat in the audience mostly, but it was fun. We had interviews today and I asked President Clayton for a blessing because Dad usually gives me a father's blessing in the fall.. and I just needed the extra strength. It was a great experience! I am so so grateful for the priesthood! Thanks Dad and brothers for always being worthy of it! Heavenly Father is just so mindful of all of us and our situation.This night we tried to contact a guy but he wasn't home so we talked to his wife for a minute and then as we were leaving we saw this lady and her kids so we stopped to talk with her. We asked if she's heard of Mormons and she said not really then she asked if we are Christian and we were like yes we are! And she was like I want to be Christian! I have been calling my friends to see where a Christian church is and then she started talking about how she wants to put her past behind her and start anew. We were like wow we have the solution for you! We told her a little about our beliefs and then she told us she just went through a really rough divorce and now she has to move and we told her we could help and she got so excited and said okay and you can teach me too while you help?? We were like umm . .  .YEAH!! Haha it was sweet. We told her it was no coincidence that we ran into her. I just can't wait to teach her and help understand how the gospel can bless her life! It really can help her start new because of the atonement of Jesus Christ and the restoration of the gospel! Also we had a really weird experience with this guy who we contacted one time and we called to set up an appointment and basically he told us that we couldn't teach him unless he could take us on a date . . . so that was weird!! We were like uhh okay bye . . . haha. We had a lesson with Brandon tonight. He is still working towards November 10!

Friday Sis Seegmiller asked me to help her with some Photoshop stuff for the Battalion so that made me really happy :) I love Photoshop!! We had a lesson with a less active and then dinner with some members and then we did some online chatting. We talked to this guy who had all kinds of questions about the book of mormon. Chat really is so cool!

Saturday we had district meeting and talked about how we need to make sure those we talk to understand our purpose. It was cool! MoBat was so great tonight! First of all one of the senior couples is in charge of public affairs and so they are doing this social thing with all the businesses in Old Town and they asked us to go and invite them and get a business card, so Sister Davies and I did that. At one restaurant we were waiting for the manager forever and got to talking to this kid working there about the gospel. It was really cool! We basically taught the whole first lesson. Then we later got to this store with an Asian man and I started explaining why we were there and then he just said he didn't speak English and Sis Davies asked what language he spoke and he said Chinese and I was just hoping it was Mandarin so I started saying the few phrases that I know in Mandarin that Spence has taught me and the guy loved it! Haha I asked his name and then at the end I told him he was my friend in Mandarin bahaha Rus . . .  but for real he loved it and was laughing and it was great! MoBat was super busy this weekend because of the fall breaks in Arizona and Utah. Oh so another cool story.. Sis Stevens and I invited this guy who worked at Chickfila to the Battalion a while ago and I finally got him to come this night. Sister Davies and I took him on tour and then afterwards I talked to him about religion. I asked him if he would read one of my favorite books and he said yes . . .  so I gave him the Book of Mormon and went over the introduction with him. Sister Davies joined me and so we both got to testify to him how the gospel really does change lives. I could see the light come into his eyes. I remember the first time Sis Stevens and I talked to him about religion at Chickfila he just kinda laughed, but tonight he was sincerely listening. We even said a prayer with him after and the whole experience is just sooo cool! For a glimpse I got to see through Heavenly Father and the Savior's eyes with who this guy could become.

Sunday Brandon came to churchhhh!!! Woohooo! He called trying to cancel right before, but Sis Davies helped him see that if he wants to get baptized . . .  he really has to do this. Bro Buswell (the young men's president, who is aweosme) picked him up. He had a really great experience and he knew all the people in his class because they have come to lessons with us! Testimony of members at lessons right there . . .  haha so sweet! So he felt included and welcomed and comfortable. MoBat was good and busy! We visited a potential after and she knows it's true.. she just doens't want to do anything without her family . . . so we are praying that her husband and son's hearts can be softened so they can all learn and grow together. We had dinner at a member's. The members are so kind to us! This lady used to be less active and we asked her what made her came back, and she said initially it was a persistent visiting teacher and she is so grateful for the visiting teacher! So cool.

Monday we had MoBat in the morning which was way slower! Everyone went back to school. We had a really great lesson with Brandon tonight. He is progressing and growing and I can just see such a change in him from the first time we met with him. I love it! Also he is a senior in high school this year so today it just hit me that he is Jorgen and Maxwell's age! Which made my eyes open even more. We went to a recent convert's house . . . her name is Sis Scott. She is amazing! She is missionary-minded all the time and I love it! We helped her granddaugther with her Primary program part because the Primary program is this Sunday. I can't wait! I love the Primary program.

It has been a really great week! I love Chula Vista and my ward and Sis Davies and life and being a missionary! And I love all of you so much! I hope you all have a greaaaaat week!!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

P.S. President Monson's talk in priesthood session? Sooooo good! Also the book Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard. Also this gospel is just really really so true!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16th Letter

 Dear Family,
 Hello! First of all, parents going to Hawaii!? You lucky ducks! Second of all, Happy birthday to Eden last Wednesday and Makai on Sunday!! And to Celia Jane this coming Sunday. All my kiddies are growing up! So here are the highlights . . . Tuesday night I was assigned to take one of the new incoming sisters out to my area. We picked all the new MoBat sisters up at the mission president's home and then we split up! Sister Jarrett came with me. She is from Nevada! She is awesome. We went and taught a less-active and it was a really great lesson! It was fun to get to know Sister Jarrett.
Sister Rasmussen and Sister Davies
Wednesday I thought about Eden and hoped she had a wonderful, beautiful day! In the morning was transfers! All of the piano players have now left because Sister Stevens was the last good one and so guess who has to play the piano now?? Me . . . haha I got to start practicing again. Transfers were great! President talked about how every transfer should be a new beginning and a time to try harder to be better. I love motivational talks! My new companion is Sister Davies! She is awesome. She is from Alpine, Utah and we actually came out together! I love learning from people and she is great so I have much more to learn from her! It's weird taking over the area . . . haha I am surprised with how well I remember how to get around, that is definitely because of the Lord's help. Sister Stevens told me that would happen :) She is so wise, haha I miss her. We spent Wednesday morning getting all organized and tried to visit a few potentials. MoBat has been crazy busy this week because of Arizona and Utah fall breaks. I took this huge family on tour from Arizona and there were 5 brothers and all their kids and they all live really close to each other in Arizona, haha it reminded me of our family! I loved it!  Thursday was my first chilly day in San Diego! A whole 65 degrees.. haha. It rained too though! It was awesome! We tried to go visit a former and actually ended up talking to his son who is in his late 20s and in the navy. He is married andh is wife is also in the navy and they have a little 2 year old son. We talked to him about the gospel and the priesthood and how it could really bless his family and his son and bring them closer together and he wanted to learn more! So we have an appointment with him this week. I love when people want to learn more :) He just had this light in his eyes and I really hope his heart will be open and he'll desire to progress! We had dinner with a member tonight and she made us delicious mexican! Her little boy Christian who is 5 is the funniest little kid! He could talk for days I am sure. We practiced teaching the restoration with them. Next we visited Sister Scott, a recent convert who moved into our ward, she is soo amazing! She said before she got baptized she was called a dry mormon because she basically lived how mormons do, she just didn't know about the church. I love that! She is such a good member missionary.
Sister Rasmussen with the Fab Five (5 sisters came out in the mission at the same time)
Friday we had district meeting. We have a new district leader named Elder Wise. It's interesting how different district leaders are, haha. After we weekly planned and then had the MoBat. We got to clean the courthouse down at old town state park today. There were a ton of asians who kept asking to take their picture with us, haha it makes us feel cool, but we know it's because they just probably think we are crazy wearing those pioneer dresses. Tawny Christensen and her family came in! They are so awesome! It was fun to see them all and catch up with Curtis. I haven't seen him since he's been home. Sister Christensen said she emailed Mom some pics, so mom I hope you enjoyed that. Sister Kunz who went home last week already came back with her family so we got to see her again and in jeans! Haha it's weird seeing sisters in jeans after you've seen them in dresses and skirts every day! I can't wait for Sister Stevens to come back!

 Saturday we stopped by this guy's garage who Sister Stevens and I had initially contacted. He was finally there! We asked him if he'd been reading and he said he's read like half of the Book of Mormon. He was just getting ready to leave so we just talked for a minute and were able to get his number and make an appointment for this coming week. We then went to visit a former and wow. . . . that was one of the most interesting experiences I have had... he just did not make sense with anything he said. He kept talking about how God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all the same . . . and so I asked him to explain John 3:16... he just stumbled through some words and tried to change the subject and bring up something else that didn't make sense. Haha he just kept contradicting himself . . . He says he's Christian but then he told us that 'us mormons believe in a totally different God.' So that was weird... He was nice, just confused. He said he's happy where he's at though so hopefully sometime he will be ready to listen. We had a really great expectations lesson with Brandon today. We just asked his expectations in meeting with us and then told him ours. He really does have a desire to change and we got him to commit to another date! November 10. We told him he has to come to church if he wants that to happen though so he said he will come! We are praying for him. We also brought a kid from our ward with us. Also earlier this day we had an appt with Amy and we went and she wasn't there and then as we were walking back from Brandon's I saw her hiding from us so I purposely walked over to where she was and she was like why didn't you come earlier? And we were like we did . . . but then we set up another appointment so we hope she can realize what we have to offer can really help her! Because she is struggling with some things right now. We had dinner at a member's and it was delicious!

Sunday I thought about Kaisy (Makai) all day! I love that little munchkin. The MoBat was crazy today! Like summer busy. I took tour after tour and there were at least 25 people on each! It was awesome! I love when it is like that. We had dinner with members and then we tried to go see Amy again but she wasn't there. We got to talk to her sisters though! One of them was super into what we were saying but the other one just thought it was funny.. Next we stopped by Brandon's because he wasn't at church so we wanted to see what was up. He said he ended up going to his Dad's house. We decided to read with him in the Book of Mormon so that was great! We then contacted a former and he was so nice and awesome! His business partner is a member and he said he really respects him. We invited him to learn more and he was like 'you know, why not! We could all use a little more of Jesus Christ in our lives!' We were like you are right!

A vandalized car they saw in the street

Monday we had a full day in our area. Full day's are always so interesting. We spent the morning trying to contact potentials and formers. No one was home... Actually one lady who was home pretended she couldn't speak english when she saw who we were, haha we knew she did though because we could hear her talking before she answered the door. We were kind of at a loss because we had visited so many people and no one answered so we decided to go park our car and just walk around. We contacted quite a few people and out of all of them, one person wanted to learn more! Woohoo! His name is Fernando and he just moved here from Jamul. He was such an awesome guy! He just kept asking question after question and was really interested! So we are meeting with him later this week :) yay! Oh also funny story, this morning we were both talking about how we wanted to have one of those experiences where someone saw us and was like, "Missionaries! I've been waiting/looking for you!" And then today when we were walking around this guy came up to us and was like 'hey! I've been looking for you!!" And we got all excited and then he was like oh wait, not you! Hahaha. He thought we were part of a newscast. Boo. But it did make for a funny story! There were some insane car vandalizing in Chula. It was sad! I have a pic that I will hopefully send you. I just don't understand why people would do something like that... Next we ate and then tried contacting a few more people and then we had an appt with Brandon. Another guy in our ward came and it was about the Word of Wisdom. He is so great! We are going to meet with him more frequently now in hopes that that wil help. Next we had an appointment with this lady who just moved in our ward who is a less active and wants to come back to church. She has such a sad life... It was one of those situations where I was just thanking Heavenly Father for the family that I have. Seriously family, you are the best! And I love you all so much. Then we had dinner with some members. Her sister actually went to high school with me so that's cool! Their family was so cute! Then we visited a less active and helped her help her kids do homework. It was definitely a full day! Haha I was so ready for bed, but it was wonderful. I am continually grateful for how Heavenly Father gives me strength each day and blesses us with miracles.

Life is wonderful! I am just continually trying to learn and grow... each day I am so so so unbelievably grateful for the restored gospel. I printed and went over President Uchtdorf's talk from conference and Elder Holland's. Wow. There is something in each day to embrace and cherish. Also, Elder Holland's talk is just so powerful and makes me think if what I am doing really shows my love to the Lord. I hope it does! I always want it to, because I do love Him.

Thanks for all your love and support! I truly love you all so much!! Have a great week!
Sister Cassie Rasmussen

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9th Letter

Dear Family,

Before my highlights I just have to say that I am always excited to write you each week, but ever since Saturday I have been particurlarly anxious to talk to you. THEY CHANGED THE MISSIONARY MINIMUM AGE!?!?!?! WHAT!? Haha did I not call that would happen as soon as I left???? That is SOOOO cool!! Even though it didn't affect me, I am so excited for all those other girls that can go when they are 19 if they want! And for the boys too. Does this mean Maxwell AND Jorgen will be gone before I come home?? If so, you better make a pit stop in California ;) So here are some highlights...

Tuesday we played zone sports for a LONG time. It was so fun! After we went and had dinner with our favorite part-member family. The dad is an investigator and we just love them so much! Right when we sat down to eat though, the little boy threw up EVERYWHERE... you all know I don't do well with throw up and to let you know.. that's still the same haha I was kinda freaking out slash felt so bad for the little guy. After we had dessert at a less-actives house. She just recently went through a bad divorce and is having a really hard time. We talked with her about families and how it is crucial at this time that she stays strong to God. I couldn't help but think of a particular someone and his amazing example of staying strong to God through hardship.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Melody. It went well! We invited her to pray about a baptism date and she said she is all for that. We also talked to her about how she really needs to come to church and she said she told her husband she really wants to do that so he is going to help make sure they don't schedule anything for Sunday so she can come. She really is so prepared and ready! Also this day I finally got to read Grandpa's letter and Uncle John's explanation of the letter. WOW. That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Grandpa is such an amazing man and missionary. Thank you Aunt Diana for typing that up and for Uncle John for explaining the situation and for mom and dad for forwarding it to me. I think Heavenly Father knew I needed that.

Sister Rasmussen and Sister Stevens
Thursday we had zone meeting which was great! Sister Stevens and I had to present a part of it, which was presentation skills. We learn all about presentation skills at the battalion and President wanted us to pass that on to all the missionaries to hopefully help them particularly with street contacting. MoBat was great. I met the cutest girl from Russia. I just feel so blessed to be able to meet all these wonderful people from all over the world!! Oh something so cool is we got an art display at the battalion! It will be here for a few months. The artist is Liz Lemon Swindle. Her work is AMAZING!! It seriously brings a whole other spirit to the battalion. You can feel it as soon as you walk in. If it ever comes to a visitor center in Utah you gots to go see it!

Friday Sister Stevens had departures so I was in a trio with Sister Ortez and Madsen. We were at the temple from 11:00 until 7:30! It was awesome. I love serving at the temple! At one point the cafeteria got so busy and they only have one lady who works there so they asked us to come help, so we got to work in the cafeteria for like 45 min, haha it was awesome! After the temple we went and had a lesson with a less active in Sister Ortez & Madsen's area. It was an awesome lesson about the sacrament and atonement and cool to see how other sisters taught.

Cassie with Jerry who reminds her of Kai

Saturday GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I LOVE general conference sooooooo much! I came up with a few questions before conference and they were all answered in the Saturday morning session so that was COOL!! We watched the morning session at the battalion and all of us were freaking out about the age change. I loved all the talks but the ones that stood out to me in the morning session were Elder Christensen's about the Spirit, Elder Bowen's about looking forward with hope, and President Uchtdorf's.. oh my goodness his talk just spoke directly to my heart! He said everything I needed to hear. I love loved it! Especially when he said life is not a race, it's a journey and that we need to cherish the moments with those we love. We watched the second session at our stake center in Chula. Saturday afternoon Elder Perry and Ballard's talks stood out to me. I just loved how basically everything was centered on the family and how important families are! Because that is what Satan is trying to attack the most right now. We had MoBat shift this night.

Sunday we had MoBat shift in the morning so we took numbers and when people came in the next number had to take a tour and the other's could watch. I got taken out during Elder Holland's talk :( so i was a little sad about that, but I am excited to read it soon and I was very happy that I made it back in time for President Monson's talk, which was SO good!! The more we act the more the Lord will entrust us with His errand's. We went to Chula to watch the Sunday afternoon. Elder Hales, Elder Nash, Elder Clarke, and Elder Bednar stood out to me. Obviously all of them were amazing! But the ones that stood out to me just said things I needed to hear at this particular time. We stopped by a potentials after. She is struggling right now with finding a job and we talked with her about how the Lord can help her find a job and if she reads the Book of Mormon everyday, she will find strength in that. She said we could come back next week so we hope that she really takes to heart what we talked about. We had dinner at the House's. They are a family in our ward whom we love! Brother House is the ward mission leader and we are just really close with the whole family. It was a great dinner! We did a few more visits and then did some squeakret service :)

Monday we had MoBatt in the morning. I gave my last tour with Sister Stevens :( after we went to Chula and had dinner with our district and said goodbye and then we went back to the House's to get a picture and then we tried a few potentials. Next we went back to Old Town and did some organizational things so I wouldn't be too freaked out about taking over the area and then we had a farewell BBQ at the MoBat for the departing sisters. It was delicious and fun and so sweet to hear their testimonies. We went back to the apt and I helped Sister Stevens pack.

This morning she got ready, we did her last minute packing, and we took them to the airport. It is bittersweet... I am excited for her to see her family, but I am pretty sad right now because I am going to miss her A LOT. I know that whatever happens will be exactly what is going to happen and that things will be just great, but we have truly become best friends and I have learned so much from her. We had a lot of laughs and I just love her so much! She is an incredible missionary. I know we will be friends for life! And I am so grateful for all that she has done for me. She is on to new adventures and don't worry she is coming to visit you all so be excited :)

Also don't worry.. I wasn't bitter that the age changed after I left haha I know that I am here when I am for a reason :)

I love you all so much!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2nd Letter

Dear Family,

Can I just say how much I love you all? Because I do!! Thanks for being the best family ever :) Here are the highlights this week . . .

Getting a flu shot
Wednesday we had temple, but the temple has been closed for 2 weeks so we had a full day in our area instead. We had a trainer/trainee follow-up meeting and then we had to do some things at the mission office. This day our district blitzed our area. Which means that we gave them each a list of names and addresses in our area and in an hour and a half we tried to contact as many people as we could. It was cool! We got a couple good referrals. It was cool because two of the elders knocked on a door and the kid who answered said he needed to grab something and gave them a letter from his best friend who is serving a mission. His best friend is a member and the letter just said thank you for all that you do as missionaries and for knocking on this door. Keep up the good work! It was cool. We had an appointment with Dee today. He is such an awesome guy! But unfortunately it was our last lesson with him. He just isn't willing to pray about the Book of Mormon. He says he knows it's not true so he doesn't think there is a point in praying to ask if it is true. We hope that someday his heart will be softened because when it does, he will be a powerhouse! We had dinner with a part member family in our ward. They have a bird that looks just like Chico! And they have 2 other birds and this lady loves birds. She lets them fly all over her house and eat dinner out of her bowl at the table, haha it's awesome! We had another appointment with Brandon. He is still doing great, but we just got to get him to church.

Thursday we had training in the morning and then MTE's with a couple other zones and President and the assistants. It was all about street contacting which I definitely need to be better at! The assistants talked about this part and really helped me see how I need to street contact like Jesus Christ did. President talked about working with members and how vital it really is and how we should try to have lessons in members homes. Sister Stevens was going to be a coach for another companionship so I went on exchanges with Sister Riggs to El Cajon! Mom,  I was in your territory! What street did you live on?? The appointments Sister Riggs had set up fell through. We then went to try to visit a less active and I saw this lady sitting under a tree with her bike and she looked really sad. I told Sis. Riggs if the less-active wasn't home that we should go talk to the lady and she agreed. Well the guy wasn't home so we went over to the lady and asked how she was and she said not that great, pretty miserable actually. We asked if there was anything we could do and she said no then we asked a couple other questions and she gave us short answers so we just kinda looked at each other and told her we hope her day gets better and got in the car and drove away. We both felt bad because we couldn't help her. Sis. Riggs started asking what we do in a situation like that where they don't really respond to us.. I just started thinking about what we learned at MTE's and tried to see through Christ's eyes and what he would've done in that situation and so I said something like they may not want to talk and we may not be able to help them physically or temporally, but we can help them spiritually. We can tell her she is a daughter of God and that her Heavenly Father loves her and share something from the Book of Mormon and testify that the Savior knows what she is going through and just show her there is hope and that she is not alone. So Sis Riggs was like should we go back?? And I was like yeah sure why not! We felt a little awkward going back... but we both knew we needed to so we did. The first thing we said is we came back! And she just said why? We told her we felt bad leaving her when she felt miserable and then we told her how she is a daughter of God and that Heavenly Father loves her so much and she immediately began crying. We told her she is never alone and read from the Book of Mormon and invited her to church and gave her a hug. We asked if there was anything else we could do and she said we had already done enough and that she doesn't feel so alone and that she could get up. It was SO COOOL! After Sis Riggs and I just wanted to cry because we felt the love the Savior had for her. We contacted her as the Savior would. I think that's all that matters. Making sure we are trying out best to see through Christ's eyes. MoBat was good tonight.. I met some pretty incredible people. 

Sister Rasmussen with her zone at MTE's
Friday we had MTE's again which was equally as good! I just love the motivation that meetings like that give. Oh also I had my first flu shot ever! President really wanted us to get them so he gave them after MTE's. Sis Stevens and I were companions again and we went to our area and contacted some referrals, a couple who seem really interested so that is always exciting! Oh also I met this really cute girl from SLC and she was here on business and wanted to visit the MoBat . . . anyway I wish I would've gotten her info because she was so awesome and I just thought how her and Brandon would be great together, haha I'm still looking out for you Brandon. 

Saturday was the General Relief Society Broadcast. SOOOO GOOD!!! Oh my goodness. I loved it. It made me soo soo pumped for conference! It was all about the atonement and made me realize I need to center everything I teach and talk about around the atonement, that's what will touch people's hearts. 

Sunday we had a ward missionary meeting which was good! We got to meet all the ward missionaries. Church was wonderful, it was fast Sunday. MoBat was great! We had dinner with some families in our ward. Lots of fun! 

Yesterday was great! We contacted some potentials and then met with a less active. She is such a sweet lady! She has some amazing stories about her life and I think she is starting to recognize that God has her on this earth for a purpose! He has everyone here for a purpose, and I love that!! 

This is the last week of the transfer. I can't believe it!! Sis Stevens leaves in one week from today :( I am going to miss her so much! She is such an amazing missionary and has been a wonderful example to me and I can tell we are going to be friends for life! We have lots of fun together and we also love working hard. I told her she has to come visit you all, so you can look forward to that :)

I love you all so much!! 

Love, Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen