Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30th Letter

Hello Family!

Good week again!

Wednesday I met with E. Seegmiller forever. He wants me to help them out with designing flyers and stuff for the MoBat. I am so excited about it! Uncle Mark came in today! I was so surprised and so happy to see him! We had a nice little chat and I got to see his fancy new car :) I was really grateful he came to visit! Also Sue dropped off some granola for me. She has tried to come see me 4 times! I am sad she keeps missing me. This night we helped Edith pack up some things in her home and then we had dinner at the Moffetts. Brother Moffett is from Ireland and is a convert and he is the man! Seriously he makes the gospel every aspect of his life and it is so cool! He is the ultimate member missionary. Some day I will be like him, haha hopefully. We had coordination with our ward mission leader.

Thursday we helped Edith again with packing and taught her a little. We took a member some cookies for her birthday and then we had a lesson with Fernando. We street contacted him a couple weeks ago and we were able to talk with him about the book of mormon. It was a sweet lesson and he is super open about learning! One of the senior sister's brother came in today and he looks like Santa Clause! He actually plays him professionally and gave us some pictures he had taken professionally that are in magazines and stuff, haha, it was awesome. 

Friday oh yeah. . . first off I have been meaning to tell you the funny ways people pronounce my name... it's either Rasmoooosen or RasmuNsen . . . I never know where they get that N in the middle... but everyone calls me that hah even sisters here at the MoBat! Basically anyone we contact though asks me where my name is from and they don't know how to say it, haha I never knew my name was so foreign. There was a mission presidents seminar here in San Diego and so for part of it they came to the MoBat. I got to meet mission presidents from all over! It was way cool. I met some that have been my friends' mission presidents. I also met this guy Brother Heaton who knows Rus. We had district meeting and then visited a few potentials and then had a lesson with Brandon. We watched The Testaments . . . and right when it was at the part where they crucified Christ, the dvd broke!!! It was so lame . . .  the Spirit was so strong and then it just broke . . . boo! But we were able to bring it back thankfully! He is still doing so great! He even expressed how he's seen a change in himself which was so cool to hear! We ran into another potential and talked to her about prayer. Then after planning the sisters had a popsicle party :)

Saturday, Happy birthday, Maxwell!! Thought about you today! We tried contacting some referrals and then we helped Edith. Her brother started talking to us about the gospel and said he saw the book of mormon sitting on her table and read a bunch of it last night! We had a great talk with him. We had temple shift tonight and talked to a family from orange county about the gospel forever, but they said they are comfortable with their lives . . .  I think that is one of my least favorite answers. We came back to the MoBat and did chat.

Sunday was the Primary program! It was SO adorable!! haha I love the Primary program, and Brandon came to church!! Woohooo! We also found out that he might be baptized this Saturday!!! He is praying about it and we should find out tonight if he decided this weekend was right or not!!! So exciting. We had dinner with the Breggs, such an awesome family! We talked about The District forever because they were super involved with the filming. We contacted a referral and she was way cute and willing to listen, but she said she's busy, but she promised she would try to find some time.So let's hope she does! We had a lesson with a less active . . .  this family makes me sad . . . they just have some difficult circumstances. The mom is really trying hard to change, and we told her that we know she can if she is willing to put her full faith to Jesus Christ and His atonement. 

Monday I went on exchanges with Sister O'Neill in Logan Heights! aka a sSpanish area. Haha! It was quite an adventure. I didn't understand too much of what was going on. I did say 2 prayers in Spanish though and bore my testimony so that was cool :) And then for one lady I told how Grandma was a convert and that we did work for her family and I got to do baptisms for some of them and it was a way cool experience and Sister O'Neill translated it all for me and the lady asked me to repeat the story because she thought it was so beautiful. So that was cool! That's something I have learned . . .  when the Spirit speaks, it is beautiful! MoBat was great as always. I did take a historian on the tour though who wasn't a member and after we had a pretty interesting conversation about how he appreciated our story of inspiration but historically it was super biased . . . but I am glad he thought it was inspiring! Because it truly is. I invited him to go to mormon.org. That website is so sweet! 

Today . . .  the reason I am writing so late is because this morning we went to the temple! It was soO wonderful! I love the temple :)

Happy Halloween tomorrow!! I best be seeing some pics of everyone's Halloween costumes! Seriously though . . .  We have to be in at 6:00PM tomorrow so we are having a party at the MoBat :) yay! 

I love you all so much!!

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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