Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2nd Letter

Dear Family,

Can I just say how much I love you all? Because I do!! Thanks for being the best family ever :) Here are the highlights this week . . .

Getting a flu shot
Wednesday we had temple, but the temple has been closed for 2 weeks so we had a full day in our area instead. We had a trainer/trainee follow-up meeting and then we had to do some things at the mission office. This day our district blitzed our area. Which means that we gave them each a list of names and addresses in our area and in an hour and a half we tried to contact as many people as we could. It was cool! We got a couple good referrals. It was cool because two of the elders knocked on a door and the kid who answered said he needed to grab something and gave them a letter from his best friend who is serving a mission. His best friend is a member and the letter just said thank you for all that you do as missionaries and for knocking on this door. Keep up the good work! It was cool. We had an appointment with Dee today. He is such an awesome guy! But unfortunately it was our last lesson with him. He just isn't willing to pray about the Book of Mormon. He says he knows it's not true so he doesn't think there is a point in praying to ask if it is true. We hope that someday his heart will be softened because when it does, he will be a powerhouse! We had dinner with a part member family in our ward. They have a bird that looks just like Chico! And they have 2 other birds and this lady loves birds. She lets them fly all over her house and eat dinner out of her bowl at the table, haha it's awesome! We had another appointment with Brandon. He is still doing great, but we just got to get him to church.

Thursday we had training in the morning and then MTE's with a couple other zones and President and the assistants. It was all about street contacting which I definitely need to be better at! The assistants talked about this part and really helped me see how I need to street contact like Jesus Christ did. President talked about working with members and how vital it really is and how we should try to have lessons in members homes. Sister Stevens was going to be a coach for another companionship so I went on exchanges with Sister Riggs to El Cajon! Mom,  I was in your territory! What street did you live on?? The appointments Sister Riggs had set up fell through. We then went to try to visit a less active and I saw this lady sitting under a tree with her bike and she looked really sad. I told Sis. Riggs if the less-active wasn't home that we should go talk to the lady and she agreed. Well the guy wasn't home so we went over to the lady and asked how she was and she said not that great, pretty miserable actually. We asked if there was anything we could do and she said no then we asked a couple other questions and she gave us short answers so we just kinda looked at each other and told her we hope her day gets better and got in the car and drove away. We both felt bad because we couldn't help her. Sis. Riggs started asking what we do in a situation like that where they don't really respond to us.. I just started thinking about what we learned at MTE's and tried to see through Christ's eyes and what he would've done in that situation and so I said something like they may not want to talk and we may not be able to help them physically or temporally, but we can help them spiritually. We can tell her she is a daughter of God and that her Heavenly Father loves her and share something from the Book of Mormon and testify that the Savior knows what she is going through and just show her there is hope and that she is not alone. So Sis Riggs was like should we go back?? And I was like yeah sure why not! We felt a little awkward going back... but we both knew we needed to so we did. The first thing we said is we came back! And she just said why? We told her we felt bad leaving her when she felt miserable and then we told her how she is a daughter of God and that Heavenly Father loves her so much and she immediately began crying. We told her she is never alone and read from the Book of Mormon and invited her to church and gave her a hug. We asked if there was anything else we could do and she said we had already done enough and that she doesn't feel so alone and that she could get up. It was SO COOOL! After Sis Riggs and I just wanted to cry because we felt the love the Savior had for her. We contacted her as the Savior would. I think that's all that matters. Making sure we are trying out best to see through Christ's eyes. MoBat was good tonight.. I met some pretty incredible people. 

Sister Rasmussen with her zone at MTE's
Friday we had MTE's again which was equally as good! I just love the motivation that meetings like that give. Oh also I had my first flu shot ever! President really wanted us to get them so he gave them after MTE's. Sis Stevens and I were companions again and we went to our area and contacted some referrals, a couple who seem really interested so that is always exciting! Oh also I met this really cute girl from SLC and she was here on business and wanted to visit the MoBat . . . anyway I wish I would've gotten her info because she was so awesome and I just thought how her and Brandon would be great together, haha I'm still looking out for you Brandon. 

Saturday was the General Relief Society Broadcast. SOOOO GOOD!!! Oh my goodness. I loved it. It made me soo soo pumped for conference! It was all about the atonement and made me realize I need to center everything I teach and talk about around the atonement, that's what will touch people's hearts. 

Sunday we had a ward missionary meeting which was good! We got to meet all the ward missionaries. Church was wonderful, it was fast Sunday. MoBat was great! We had dinner with some families in our ward. Lots of fun! 

Yesterday was great! We contacted some potentials and then met with a less active. She is such a sweet lady! She has some amazing stories about her life and I think she is starting to recognize that God has her on this earth for a purpose! He has everyone here for a purpose, and I love that!! 

This is the last week of the transfer. I can't believe it!! Sis Stevens leaves in one week from today :( I am going to miss her so much! She is such an amazing missionary and has been a wonderful example to me and I can tell we are going to be friends for life! We have lots of fun together and we also love working hard. I told her she has to come visit you all, so you can look forward to that :)

I love you all so much!! 

Love, Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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