Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25th Letter

Dear Family,

Life is wonderful! Here are some highlights....

Sisters Stevens and Rasmussen with twinner hair

Tuesday we went shopping for Sister Stevens' going home outfit. It's a tradition here :) Also Tuesday night was really fun because I woke up at 12:30AM (so I guess technically it was Wednesday) with the stomach flu! Thankfully I only threw up once (even though it was a lot! TMI?? Haha sorry) and thankfully it was only 24 hours. It's no fun being sick when you are a missionary though. Your companion has to stay with you and you just feel worthless... haha but like I said, thankfully it didn't last too long.

Wednesday I spent most of the morning sleeping because I was up all night. The night was good though because I got some good Book of Mormon studying done and some one on one time with Heavenly Father since I couldn't sleep. At around 12:00 we came to the battalion so Sister Stevens had something to do. I just sat in the back and read some more and made some phone calls. I started to feel pretty sick again so we went back to our apt a little early and I took another nap. When I woke up I felt much better, but it kept going in circles. We went to our area because we had quite a few appointments and I didn't want to cancel. I asked some of the elders in our district to give me a blessing so they did. It was a wonderful experience and it wasn't even an hour later that I was feeling much much better and finally ate a little something. Sister Stevens was so nice and helpful while I was sick. Our appts this night went well though! We added 3 new investigators! A mom and her 2 kids. She said she is looking for a good foundation for a family. She will soon find out that the gospel is the best foundation for families! 

Thursday I was 100% better! And it was my 3 month mark... crazy!! I have had some time at the battalion to read the site guide which is some of the basic history that they give us to read so we can know it better. It's cool to really learn more in depth about the Mormon Battalion's story. We did some more squeakret service this night. I love secret stuff!! 

Parking a little too close to the car in front of them

Friday we had an appt with Brandon. He committed to baptism!!! He is working towards October 27!! Maxwell's birthday! But it was super exciting! We taught him about the plan of salvation and he said he likes to know that we have purpose here on earth. We had dinner with some members this night and it was delicious and they were so sweet! We had district meeting which is always good and uplifting and motivating! My district leader is really good at helping us get excited and find new solutions.

Saturday we had an appointment with a less active family in our ward. They are so sweet! We talked to them a lot about the importance of church and scripture study and prayer. We also ran into another less active who used to avoid talking to us when we would see him, but today he was so cheery and nice and opened up and said he stopped chewing tobacco!! He was going 10 days strong. It was so awesome! We can totally see a difference in him. The MoBat was soooo busy tonight! Like summer status busy! It was a fun change! 

Sunday there were so many new faces at church! Sister Stevens and I were a little overwhelmed because we wanted to try to find out who they all were! We found out a couple of them. Our investigators didn't show up to church :( It's hard because they are progressing in every other way and have a desire to learn more, but we just can't get them to come to church.. any suggestions? MoBat was busy again. I met a guy who knows Rus and worked with him and I also met an older couple from South Jordan with the last name Rasmussen! We got to talking and he wanted to know where my ancestors came from and I said Rasmussen was from Denmark and he said oh I served there! And I said so did my dad! And then he totally remembered dad! So small world! Dad you remember a Steve Rasmussen from Arizona? He said you were about a year a part I think. After MoBat we had dinner at a members. They were the greatest! We just love our members. 

Cassie's district

Monday was Dallin's birthday! Happy birthday Dallin!!!! I wrote him a card and forgot to send it so I will send it today. I hope he had a great birthday! Wait, is he 8?? MoBat was good. I got a note from Danny Door! He came in last night and just missed me apparently, but I am glad he left a note! I met the nicest couple from England and I talked to them for a good 25 min about life and the gospel. They were so nice! I invited them to look up our beliefs on mormon.org. I think I have said this before but that site is awesome! Also Mormon messages. Everyone should go watch the most recent mormon message called the Will of God, by Elder Christofferson. It's sooooo good!! Tonight we had 3 dinner appts... oh my goodness. I have never been so full in my life! They were delicious though and it's so fun to get to know more people in our ward. I know I've said this before too but California has the biggest spiders and they are everywhere! We saw at least 20 tonight. Also Sister Stevens and I started laughing so hard after our appts just thinking about everything and how much food we ate and because we were so full it hurt to laugh! I think I have laughed the hardest in my life on my mission. It's great :)

Today we are just getting things ready for the rest of the week! I can't believe this transfer is almost over.... :( I am going to miss Sister Stevens so much! There are big changes ahead. I know it will be good, but it also makes me a little nervous. I learned a lot this week though! I learned that God gives me strength when I need to do His work, I just have to ask for it. I am also learning the importance of staying positive. Satan gets us down with negativism and with doubt. But if we choose to be positive and have faith, that is when we will see miracles. 

I love this gospel! And I love all of you!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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