Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th Letter

Dear Family,

Okay so first of all I've been meaning to ask what the weather is like?? Because here it is still like mid 80s. It's nuts! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cacia!!! I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Here are some highlights.

Tuesday night we had a ward trunk or treat which was fun!

Wednesday was Halloween!! All the missionaries had to come in early, but we had a little party at the MoBat. We did scripture games and bobbed for apples. It was great! I think I ate a little too much candy. Sister Davies' sister got her mission call! She is going to Chicago, Illinois Spanish speaking!! Dad isn't that where Vanessa got called to?

Thursday we had some 4th graders come in for tours at theMoBat which was so much fun! It's part of their 4th grade history to learn about the Mormon Battalion. I also met this kid who was 19 and he had a heart attack 4 months ago!! So scary. He can't go on his mission until they figure out why it happened. We had a lesson with Brandon today. He is so great! We talked about tithing and fasting. He is officially getting baptized on November 17, 2012 at 4:00PM!!!! We are SO excited for him and he is so excited which is awesome to see!

MoBat popsicle party!
Friday I took some people on tour from Burley Idaho! The Bells . . . Bakers?? Something . . . Shoot I told myself I would remember their names but I can't remember. They said they knew Granddad and Grandmother and Dad and his siblings. They also know the Jones! We did service with our district. We helped these people set up a huge fundraiser sale! It was great and they gave us pizza after. Oh funny story . . . we were in service clothes and took our nice clothes to change into after for district meeting and Sis Davies forgot her nice shoes so she had to wear her tennis shoes with her nice clothes and it was so funny! Haha we had a great laugh. I will send a picture. 

Sweet shoes on Sister Davies
Saturday was a rougher day . . . all of our appointments fell through and the people we tried to contact like no one was home! I saw this kid at the MoBat who was in my ward at BYU when I lived at Liberty Square, haha that was funny. We took Dee the book Our Search For Happiness, by Elder Ballard! Such a great book! I really hope he reads it and the Spirit softens his heart. 

Sunday I had a fever . . . Brandon came to church! He is really progressing greatly and it makes me so happy to see him so happy! He kept asking questions about after he's baptized and it was cool to see him so excited!! He just fits right in with all the priests in our ward, it is so great! Oh, P.S.  it was really nice getting an extra hour of sleep today :) Tonight we had waffles at the Sturges then visited a less active

Sister R and Sister Davies with some boys in their ward who told them they want  to grow up to be missionaries. 
Monday MoBat was super slow. I still felt a little sick, but much better. I got to watch On the Lord's Errand. So good!! The Battalion got 3 new cars! Chevy Cruzs. They are so nice! I got to drive one today. We had a lesson with Brandon about the priesthood and invited him to start preparing to receive it. He is super excited and said he has even thought about serving a mission! Woohoo!! We contacted a couple referrals and one wanted to learn more! She said her and her husband have been looking for a church and her friend is Mormon. We will meet with them next week! We also went to visit someone in our ward who we've never met and at first when she answered the door she was kinda like what are you doing here? But then she let us in and she opened up to us about her life and she's been less active and she's wanted to come back to church but didn't know how and all this stuff and it was just so great to be the instrument in the Lord's hand at the time. She said we said some things she's needed to hear and she committed to coming to church! She also invited us over again next week for dinner :) She was so awesome! It was a cool experience.

Well that leaves us with today! Prep days are great! I think this is the shortest letter I have written, haha sorry! I don't have a lot of time today. But i LOVE you all so much!!! Have a great week! Just remember the Lord is aware of everyone and their circumstances and His arms will always be stretched out waiting for us to hold on. 

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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