Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20th Letter

Dear Family,

First of all, it is a crazy day because tomorrow is transfers so we get phone calls today. . . and guess what?? I got a phone call! I am leaving Chula :( :( I really thought that Sister Davies and I would be together one more transfer. I am going to miss her! The Lord knows best though! I am excited to see what happens . . .  Here are the highlights..

Wednesday we had a lesson with a less active. She stopped going to church when she was in her teens and she is only like 24 now but it's crazy how much she has forgotten. She even said that herself. We did some creative contacting. . .  aka we were aruging about where we should go to lunch because we had forgotten food and neither of us wanted to pick so we were pulled over to the side and Sister Davies was like, if you roll down your window and contact this guy walking by, I'll pick where we go to lunch and I was like bring it on! Haha so we talked to him about the church and the gospel for a minute and exchanged info. It was awesome! We also have a potential who we were supposed to meet with it was that Russian guy who we contacted a few weeks ago, but he was sick so we took him a can of chicken noodle soup and gave him the Finding Faith in Christ dvd and said that soup and a movie always makes things better, haha! Hopefully he watches it. We also took Brandon a note and a treat. Brandon's mom called us later and told us some of her concerns and how she was so excited for Brandon to be baptized and how her relationship with him has been even better since we have been teaching him. It's so cool!

Moustache goodbye party for Sister Johnson

Thursday we took 2 guys on tour who work for BYUTV sports and they said they were getting things ready for when the basketball team comes in February. We told them to tell coach to bring the whole team through the battalion! Haha that would be so cool. I had a really great conversation with this guy who came through and was just driving by and thought the place looked interesting so came in. He will be a member someday. . .  He is so close!

Friday we had district meeting which was good as always! We also made some Christmas decorations for the Battalion.

Saturday we had temple shift which was great! I love the temple. There were a few weddings so it was fun to see all the wedding party. This temple worker who we met one time offered to buy us lunch in the temple. So nice! After temple was. . . . . . BRANDON'S BAPTISM!!! Ah. It was so wonderful! Sister Dibelka in our ward gave a talk about baptism and then he got baptized! He had to get baptized 3 times because his elbow kept coming up, haha we told him it'd be more memorable. His mom came though and it was so awesome to have her there! After he was baptized, Sister Davies and I sang. I was SOOO nervous. I can't believe I did it. Haha now I know why I never sing in front of people, but it was good. Then Brandon bore his testimony and then President Dixon gave an awesome talk about staying strong in the gospel. It was all just a very sweet and awesome experience and Brandon was so happy! After we had dinner at a members and it was delicious!

Sister Davies, Brandon, Cassie

Sunday Brandon got confirmed! Also a sweet experience. The ward has just welcomed him so much and he has all these friends now, it is so great! His mom came again. She got work off for it :) We had triple dinners tonight... I don't think I can ever do that again haah wow. It was all delicious though! But I didn't want to eat ever again after that. I love the members in Chula so much! We had a going away party for Sister Johnson. She is such an awesome and talented missionary!

With Brandon's mom in her kitchen

Monday I went to my last Milkshake Monday :( haha maybe that will be a good thing for me. We contacted a few people, but no one was home! I feel like a lot of people left for thanksgiving. Schools are out the whole week here! Are they out that long back home? Sister Davies and I cleaned the courthouse which was great. I took a tour with this couple who was great and then like 30 min after they left they came back because they got engaged and wanted to tell me the story and show me the ring! Haha it was so cute! It made me so happy that they wanted to share that with me. I also took the funnest/funniest tour of my life. These two elders brought a less active and he was just a hoot! He was super responsive and into the tour and I loved it!

Well, I'm sorry if this email makes no sense . . . haha my brain is going crazy with transfers! We are at the emailing place and everyone is getting phone calls and freaking out so I feel distracted.. but I hope what I said made sense. This week was great! I really will miss Chula. I love all the people in my ward and I love Sister Davies. I felt like we were just getting things going! But like I said, the Lord knows what's best and I am excited for what he has in store for me next! i LOVE this gospel. Something that I was particularly grateful for this week was the fact that even when life is crazy and challenges arise, the gospel is always firm and constant and true! For that I am extremely grateful for.

I love you all so much!! I hope you have the best thanksgiving ever! Eat some banana cream pie for me please :)

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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