Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13th Letter

Dear Family,

I hear there is snow in Utah!? Ahhhhh . . . sometimes I get so confused as to what month it is because it is so warm here! But it actually did cool down this week. I had to wear my coat a few times! Highlights . . .

Tuesday night we had a lesson with a less-active and her son. We encouraged them to read the Book of Mormon together. They are both so sweet! They just need to sort out a couple priorities. Next we tried to contact a former but it turns out they moved so we ended up talking to this guy named Val. He is mid-20s and is originally from Russia, but he's now a U.S. citizen. Thanks to Brocko I was able to say hello to him in Russian. Hahaha. Love you brother. We had a really great chat with Val though. He said he used to be Roman Catholic, but he is now atheist (or so he thinks). There is nothing atheist about him! He is just confused. You could see the light of Christ all over him. He was so sweet and really listened. We were able to get his number and so we hope that we can meet up with him again soon.

Wednesday, happy birthday, Cacia! Love you! We had a lesson with Melody. Sister Dixon came again. She is always so great at lessons. Melody still is about the same . . . She does have a desire to learn more and she loves what she is learning, but because of her husband situation, we just can't get her to church. Next we had a lesson with Sister Givens. She is such a sweet lady. 

One of the biggest dogs Cassie has ever seen. She said he looked like a bear. 

Thursday I was one exchanges with Sister Stirling. She came to my area. We had temple most of the day and it was freeeeeeezing! I met this guy who told us that his first contact with the missionaries was when he came to the San Diego Temple, and now he's a member and going so strong! I just love those stories. We met this really nice cute old guy who thanked us for our service and he was so sweet! At one point his teeth fell out though and I definitely wasn't expecting that . . . haha I really hope he didn't see the reaction on my face, because I can only imagine what I looked like. He really was so sweet though! We met this guy named Doug. He saw our name tags and asked if we always had "Jesus Christ" in the name of our church. He said he thought we were just called the Latter-day Saint church. We had a wonderful discussion with him about Jesus Christ and he wanted to learn more! So we were able to get all his contact information. He talked about how it just bugs him so much that most people just care about all the materialistic stuff. We met this couple and talked to them forever about the gospel. They had some hard questions! But Sister Stirling was so great at bringing everything back to the restoration. We also met a couple from Wellington, New Zealand and that is where Courtney's parents are mission presidents so I asked if they knew them and they did! Haha they took a picture with me so they could show it to the Kezerians. We headed to Chula and had a lesson with a less-active. She has had a crazy rough life. We talked about the atonement and it was so powerful! I am learning that I have much to learn about the atonement. There is way more to it then I ever thought. I am just deeply grateful for the Savior and for His willingness to do that for us, for me. We had a lesson with Brandon and read in the Book of Mormon with him. It was great! He is still excited to be baptized :) Then we had coordination. It was great to be able to learn from Sister Stirling! She is a wonderful missionary.

In front of one of the new mission cars

Friday we had zone meeting, which is a new meeting we have everything month with just our zone. President happened to be on exchanges with the zone leaders that day so he attended as well. It was a great meeting! We talked a lot about how we need to be fully prepared for all these new missionaries coming. He said we are getting about 70 new missionaries then we were already expecting, within the next few months! So exciting! He also said that basically every ward will have 2 sets of missionaries. Crazy!!! It gives me chills every time I hear about how many more applications the apostles are getting each week. President also gave us a great idea to pick 10 solid active families in our ward and start visiting them weekly and getting them to do missionary work and then once they are strong in it so pick different families and hopefully that will get our whole ward started and excited about missionary work. We went and visited one of these families after and told them about it and asked if they would be part of it and they were thrilled!

Saturday we weekly planned and had choir practice for the mission fireside. I took a really fun tour tonight with these 4 friends from Arizona. Two of them are recent converts and it was just cool to hear about their stories. One of them said he was totally anti before and that now when he sees movies where the saints are being persecuted, he just cries because he feels like he did that. You could just see how much the gospel has changed his life, it was neat! I also met this guy whose dad invented slide texting! And he holds the genius world record for fastest slide texter! So sweet. Hahaha. Oh, AND his sister was Maira in the Testaments! (the little girl with the monkey). 

Sunday we got to sleep in until 6:30am!! Woohoooo! Haha, oh the life of a missionary. We had stake conference today and we got a new stake presidency! President Dixon (who is in our ward) is the new stake president with Bishop Tui (who is a rockstar member missionary) as the first counselor and Bishop Dunford (who I don't really know but I am sure he is great!) as the second counselor. I am really excited to work with all of them! The MoBat was super busy today! Here's some advice to anyone visiting San Diego, first of all, make sure you come to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site because it is the coolest place! And second of all, if you can avoid it, don't come on a Sunday. Haha, Sundays are the craziest days, so if you don't want to be jam-packed in a tour, I would come another day. We had dinner at a members and had a great discussion about member missionary work and then we had the mission firesides. I LOVE the mission firesides. We have one once a month and it's focus is for investigators so we have musical numbers, Mormon messages, recent converts bear testimony, and President speaks. I sang in the choir and then Sis Davies, Sis Riggs, Sis Madsen, Elder Dent, Elder Geier, Elder Dennison, and Elder Christensen did a musical number. We sang a song called "Precious Lord." It was a lot of fun! Even though I was nervous beyond belief. I may or may not have almost passed out, haha but I am glad I did it. Oh and one of the recent converts who bore testimony said something like, "The gospel won't necessarily make your life or circumstances any better, but it WILL make you a better person." I thought that was really cool!

Little Baylee, a member of the Chula Vista Ward
Monday was busy at the MoBat because it was Veterans' Day. We contacted a few people and then had dinner at the Dixon's house and talked to them all about member missionary work. Next we went to the Sturges to practice a song we might sing at Brandon's baptism . . . we'll see if I can handle that or not, haha. Then we had a lesson with Brandon at a member's home. They have a son Brandon's age and they have hit it off as friends quite well! We watched "Finding Faith in Christ" and then talked after how important faith is even when the going gets tough. The Spirit is so wonderful. Brandon asked his friend to baptize him and it was so cool to see the kid's face light up! He was so excited! We are so pumped for both of them! His baptism is this Saturday :)

Today we had a sisters' lunch thing at the mission home. It was wonderful and delicious! This is the last week of transfers . . . I can't even believe it! I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to me this next transfer . . .  but I am sure whatever it is, it will be what's best :) I hope that Sis Davies and I get one more transfer in Chula just because we are starting to get things going, but we'll see.

I love you all so much!!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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