Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9th Letter

Dear Family,

Wow. Wasn't conference amazing!?!? I just love conference SO much. I hope that you all had a great week! Here are my highlights . . .

Tuesday we played sports at Mission Bay with our zone. It was one of our zone leaders last prep days because he is going home a little early for school. We then had MoBat that night. 

Wednesday we had MoBat in the morning and then we found out that we needed to move apartments! We got a new sister last Tuesday. They had her scheduled in the MTC for 6 weeks but then realized she already spoke Spanish fluently so she came part way through the transfer. She was put in a trio with two other sisters which is why we had to move apartments because our apartment was set up for a trio. We were sad because we love our apartment and I loved sleeping in my cage (the top bunk) haha but our new apartment is great and coming along. We had a lesson with Casmier about the first half of the plan of salvation. Next a member took us to dinner at Panera Bread and it was super good! Then we had a lesson with David who is still rock solid. Then we stopped by a members and she is super overwhelmed with a new job and we just let her know that Heavenly Father loves her and I think she really needed to hear that. After planning we hurried and packed and moved all our stuff. Our new apartment looked like a tornado had gone through it, haha.

Thursday we had training and it was really cool. We got in groups and each had a room of the tour and thought of how to relate that part of the story to our lives. It ended up being a way cool experience! We also talked about serving each other and picked secret sisters. I felt like I was at girls camp, haha but I am excited to do it. Next we had interviews with President Clayton. Mine was good and super short. President said some really nice things to me that I needed to hear. We had a lesson with Arthur after and he brought his friend. We taught a brief version of the Restoration and his friend said he felt super enlightened and that he even thought the sun got brighter as we were talking, so that was cool! His friend said he wants to learn more and asked for a Book of Mormon. His friend is not in our area, but we are excited for the missionaries who get to teach him because he is super solid! We had a lesson with Raquel next about the temple and eternal marriage. She said she is going home this weekend and she'll try talking to her dad. We talked with Brother Mckay about doing booths on campus and then had MoBat. Alexa Smith, who I used to hang out with in the summers when she was staying with the Reynolds, her family came through the MoBat! And we made that connection and that was fun. I also took a family on tour whose son knows Karsten! He played basketball with him. One of our members, Tyler, brought us dinner and we had a nice lesson with him and then we met with our new Relief Society president. 

Friday I thought of Jenna all day!! I hope her wedding was wonderful. I want pics :) We had zone meeting which is always good. Our zone leaders are the best. We had coordination and then MoBat.

Saturday, General Conference! I love, love that the main theme was about families and making the home a place of refuge. Thank you, Mom & Dad for making our home that way. The first session I was on shift at the MoBat so I only caught the first half. I loved when President Packer said "We are free to act, but not to choose our consequences." Which was cool because in zone meeting our zone leaders were talking about how it's our job to be obedient, not to pick the blessing that comes from that. I feel like too often we expect Heavenly Father to give us exactly what we want, instead of what we need. After we went to a barbecue at the institute and then we watched the second session. I really loved Elder Cook's talk about peace and Elder Bednar's talk. We tried stopping by Casmier's and a less-active but no one was home. We weekly planned and then organized our apartment.

Sunday morning session . . . wow!! President Uchtdorf's talk was soooo good. The gospel really is the light! I loved when he said "with Christ, darkness cannot succeed." So true!!! I loved Elder Andersen's about missionary work and how the badge can be painted on our hearts. I loved Elder Clayton's talk about relationships. I loooooved Elder Perry's bold and powerful talk! I loved President Monson's about obedience. Ahhh. In between sessions, the stake president and his wife fed all the missionaries in our stake. It was delicious! The second session I was working at the battalion. I was so happy to be able to see Elder Holland's talk though because I missed it last conf due to being on tour. I loved how it was about belief and I loved his powerful testimony at the end. I really liked when he said "what we know will always trump what we do not know." I also loved Elder Christofferson's about redemption. Basically I loved all the talks :) Conference makes me so happy! I can't wait for the Ensign to come out. After conference we met with Caitlin and then went and visited a potential named Gleb. We weren't able to add him yet, but we think next time we will. He is from Russia and he's just awesome! We had dinner with Hannah after and it was delicious. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOREN! And today was my one-year mark of going through the temple :) yay! 

Monday was great! We had a lesson with Arthur about his baptism. He still needs a little more time to prepare which is why it's good that it's at the end of the month. Then we had a lesson with Casmier about the 2nd half of the plan of salvation. He was just soaking it all up! We found out his mom died not too long ago so it was super comforting for him to hear all of this, because he had no idea where she was. Next was a lesson with Rachell. We talked to her about baptism and she said she just isn't ready yet to make the commitment because she loves tea and she just doesn't feel prepared. We tried to help her see that she is prepared and that by giving up tea she isn't missing out on anything. We committed her to really pray about if she needs to be baptized and if so, when. We had a conference call with Salt Lake and then MoBat. It was super slow tonight! Spring break is definitely over. I did talk with a lady who works with Adam though! That was cool.

Well that was my week! Full of miracles, full of happiness, and full of too much food! Haha. I love you all so much!! 

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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