Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8th Letter

Dear Family,

So our new companion is . . . da da da duhhhhh Sister Riggs!!! Woohooo! I love Sister Riggs. We are now a trio, and let me tell you, trios definitely have their challenges. It's only been a week and I am already learning a lot of how to try to work with not just one but 2 other people. It's a work in progress, but I love both these sisters and I know we are together for a reason so I am excited to learn from this and to grow with them! Here are the highlights from the week . . .

The trio: Sister Riggs, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Pagel
Wednesday was transfers. We had MoBat in the morning and then we spent the afternoon and night moving apartments and getting things organized in our apartment and in our area. I am excited for this transfer!

Thursday we had district meeting. They combined 2 wards in our district so now our district is a little smaller, but it's great! We have one new elder and a new district leader - Elder Mackay. After we had district lunch and got to know each other better. MoBat was unreal tonight! We got 16 referrals. Sis Pagel and I took the best mandarin tour ever. They spoke barely any English, but they were hilarious and wanted to know more. I practiced my chinese with them and they practiced their English with me, haha spencer I can't tell you how many times I say the few phrases you taught me to people around here, it's awesome! So thanks :) You are the best brother-in-law ever!! They told us after the tour that they felt happy and we gave them a book of mormon in English and in Chinese because he wanted to use both to help him learn English.

Friday Sis. Pagel had the flu :( Sis Riggs and I studied and weekly planned while Sis Pagel slept. We got super organized so that was good! I helped take down the Christmas tree at the Battalion. It's so empty without it! Sis Johnson and Tawny Christensen came to visit!

Saturday we had an appointment with a less-active. The first thing he asked us was why did we contact him now? And we told him we just are trying to get to know the ward better and his name stood out to us first and he said that a few days ago he had a huge breakdown and that we texted him the next day and we were like well that is because God is so aware of you and He loves you and He knew you needed us. It was a cool experience! We talked to him about how to better develop his relationship with the Savior. After when he said the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for the interaction and said his heart was touched. I love the Spirit and the gospel! Next we were trying to contact a referral and ended up talking to this kid name Joseph who is Muslim. He had some great questions, but said he was firm in his religion. We still left him with our number and some stuff to read. Next we tried another referral who wasn't there and instead talked to a lady named Gretta who was super nice and said she admired what we do, but that she's believes in personal religion. Our next appointment cancelled so we stopped by a potential named Maggie. She wasn't home but her mom and cousin let us in. They are from China! We talked to her cousin about how she is a daughter of God and said a simple prayer with her. At the end of the prayer she was crying and she said she felt really happy! It was so cute and awesome! She said she wants to learn more with Maggie. We had MoBat next which was great! A member brought us some delicious dinner so that was a plus!

Sunday morning MoBat was a little slower. I took the craziest tour with Sister Patterson! The guy was like 50 and just said the weirdest things . . . Definitely the top of my most interesting tours list. Next we had church which was wonderful! There weren' too many people. We had a lesson with Keri after about the priesthood. She is amazing. Then we had a lesson with Wilson, he is a ward missionary. We talked about his role and also his testimony. Next we had dinner with a member and his family! Haha it was great to be with a family! Next we stopped at a referral and he was super sick, but we shared a little message wth him and are seeing him again this week. Our last lesson was with Brittany. She is in the Relief Society presidency so we talked to her about missionary work and then asked who she thought we should focus on in the ward. She is hilarious! And a great member missioary.

Monday morning was a little rough, but the day definitely got better! MoBat was good! Sister Jarrett and I designed a banner for the commemoration day that's happening in a few weeks. We tried visited an investigator, but he wasn't home. We got to talk to his roommate though! And invited him to come to our next lesson with Clifford. Next we tried visiting a less active but she apparently moved so we ended up talking to this super sweet indian lady. She doesn't know who Jesus Christ is, so we talked to her about that and then exchanged information so we can go back. We visited a less-active after that. She was baptized about 6 years ago and she said she loves the faith and all that she learned, but that she won't be coming back to church anytime soon just because it tore her family apart because they don't like Mormons and she doesn't want to do that again :( it was really sad! We asked if we could come visit her every so often so she could at least get that spiritual boost if she doesn't feel like she can go to church right now and she said she would like that very much. We went to FHE and had food and then met with David. He has so much faith, it is awesome!

I had a really good study this morning about faith and just how it's important that first of all, our faith is in Jesus Christ because that is what leads to salvation. A lot of people have faith, but it's in man or in other things. And second of all, how strong faith comes from obedience. I guess I'd never really connected it that way, but really if we want more faith, we need to be more obedient! And also we all know that action is a big part of faith, but I read today that it is our actions physically AND mentally. Our thoughts are powerful! We need to make sure that they match-up with our actions. I just love studying the gospel :)

I hope you all have a great week and I hope you know that I love you a lot!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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