Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th Letter

Dear Family,

Hello!! I hope that you all had a wonderful week. Here are some highlights . . . 

Wednesday we had MoBat and then ran a couple errands and then had a meeting with our ward mission leader so he could fill us in on a meeting with the bishop. After we contacted a less-active, Carlene. She is super funny and nice! It's sad though because she grew up in the church but has been less active for a while now, and she's not sure she wants to come back. She said she tried one time but it was just too much. She loves drinking and she said she's not willing to give that up yet, but that she would try to come to church. She is just confused and trying to figure out what she believes. We had a lesson with David after and he is still amazing! He told us he wants to serve a mission in one year!!! His original plan was to wait until he finished school in 3 years, but now he's going to go as soon as his time of being a member for one year is up. So COOL!!! Next we had a lesson with Raquel and she brought her friend Jessica. We had Carli and David there and we talked about the ten commandments and following the prophet. 

Thursday we had training and President came to talk to us about everything that's going on right now with Battalion now, just how our script has changed and such. He talked about our purpose as Battalion sisters and how we should be happy and grateful for this unique opportunity. We had zone meeting after and it was really good as always. My zone leaders are the bomb! And my zone rocks too. We weekly planned and then had MoBat. Two of the elders here (Elder Long & Cox) have this investigator who really wanted to get baptized back in December but he couldn't because of some things he did and so he went and turned himself in and he's been in prison and he got out of prison today and came to the Battalion to surprise him and it was such a sweet thing to witness!! He is getting baptized in a week :) I LOVE how the gospel changes lives. Also Mark Lusvardi, Steve Allen, and Brent Roberts came in today! They all told me how wonderful Rus is. 

Friday we had MoBat and then a lesson with Jackie & Rachel about the gospel and invited them to be baptized! They said yes and they are going to pray about a date. Then we had a lesson with Taylor. She is just so cute and sweet all the time. We had coordination and then a lesson with the Ghanas. It was going great until the two preachers, William and Basil, stepped in and just started bashing and twisting everything we said.

Saturday our garage flooded! Crazy. And our hot water heater broke, haha, it was a cold shower! We had studies and then lunch with Wilson. He is funny! We then had choir practice for the fireside. 

Sunday daylight savings! The one I don't like. Haha, I was soooo tired. MoBat was good except at the very end Rachell texted us and said that she sent us a confidential email and she would like us to read it before we went to church. She and Jackie got in a huge fight :( We went to church and you could just feel the tension between them. The theme of sacrament just happened to be the atonement and forgiveness though so that was good! Sister Riggs gave an awesome talk. After church we ate a yummy steak dinner with Jared and Ali. Next was the mission president's fireside! I love these firesides so much! Raquel was supposed to come but she missed her train :( but guess who did come?? Two of the Ghanas!! Hanifa and Andrew. We actually got them to come! Oh, and guess what the overall theme of the fireside ended up being and we had no idea? The Book of Mormon! Bahaha. We were like uhhh, well, I guess that's what they need! After we asked what they thought and they said it was very good and worth their time and they wanted to meet with us again :) so that was good news! We hope it softened their hearts even more. David Yang spoke! They always have testimonies of recent converts and their conversion story and he did so amazing! The whole time he was talking we were like he is unreal! He quoted prophets! And one of the last things he said was "I am excited that for the rest of my life I get to proclaim this great message to others!" Future stake president or area authority in China? I think yes!! Sister Riggs also sang with this elder from New Zealand and they did awesome! After the fireside I saw some Sadleir cousins! That was fun. 

Monday we had MoBat in the morning. Rachell came in to talk with us alone. She is just having a really hard time right now with Jackie and school and just everything and she feels really alone. We had a great lesson with her and then asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes, so Elder Affleck gave her a blessing. She said that as soon as he put his hands on her head that she just felt really calm. So cool!! She said she is going to read and pray every day and that she really wants to know if this is true. She is so sweet. I took this girl on tour and she said her friend just got her mission call to the Battalion but get this . . . Mandarin speaking!!!!! Bah. We are all so excited! We've been wanting Mandarin speakers so bad. I am going to tell President that I'll train her! Haha, I want to learn Mandarin! After MoBat we had a lesson with Taylor and then a lesson with Patrick. After our lesson with Patrick, he texted us and told us thank you and that the Holy Ghost worked on him after we left and he is going to try harder . . . yaya!! Oh, the Moore's (from Dad's ward) dad came to the MoBat! It was fun to talk with him. After we went to this fhe fireside/activity that the BYU Folk Dance team was doing for the YSA wards in this region. Raquel came to it! But also guess who I saw there?? Nate!! Our cousin Nate. It was so fun to see him and to catch up. 

Well that was my week! I learned this week that I can't be a missionary without the Lord. The story of Abinadi and Mosiah 23:10 really stood out to me this week. People wouldn't listen to Abinadi, but not matter what, he was confident and firm in his message and his testimony and in his service to the Lord. And Mosiah 23:10 just because it made me really grateful for the opportunity that I have to be an instrument in the Lord's hand. He can do His work regardless of what I do and what others do, but how much more joy will I have if I choose and allow Him to use me as that instrument. Wow, I don't know if that made sense, but mostly I am just trying to say I am grateful to be a missionary and for this time I have to let Him shape me into who He needs me to be. I think I might say that a lot, but it's the truth :)

Well I LOVE you all!! I hope you have a splendid week :)

Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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