Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5th Letter

Dear Family,

What a week! Here are the highlights . . . 

Tuesday night we had a lesson with James about the spirit and then a lesson with Raquel about fasting. We found the perfect fellow shipper for her. We invited her to have a special fast for her and her family--that she can have the courage to talk to her family and that her family's hearts will be softened. We told her we would join in the fast as well. 

Wednesday we have MoBat and it was pretty slow. We had a lesson with Taylor. She is so sweet! She is having a hard time feeling like she fits in at her school. We had a great long talk with her and invited her to fast this weekend. We also got a parking ticket! Boo . . .  but thankfully we were able to get it appealed :) Next we had dinner at La Pinata with Keri and her mom. It was delicious! Her mom is not a member so we had a great talk with her and Keri was testifying and it was awesome. Then we had a lesson with Patrick. He is really struggling right now with seeing the point of being active. He said it's hard because he feels like he has no support. We had a really great talk with him though and he said he won't give up.

Cassie and Sister Pagel at the beach

Thursday we had training . . . we got word that we have to change up the tour a bit so we went through the tour so they could show us the new way. We had MoBat and then after we had a lesson with Raquel about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We tried contacting a potential and then we were supposed to have a lesson with Cassandra but she never showed up :( so then we were about to leave and I was backing Sister Riggs and this guy was walking by and I just felt like I should talk to him so I did! Turns out he is from Korea and he is here learning English and his English is already way good! We talked to him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and he was soaking it up. We told him if he would read the Book of Mormon it would help his English. We asked if we could come teach him more and he said yes! And that he want to come to church! We had dinner at the Institute. Then we had a lesson with Jackie & Rachel about the Restoration and one of our members came with us and she was perfect for them! 

Friday . . .  wow,  March!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I told everyone it was your birthday today, haha, I hope you had a great day! I love you! We had a full day today (as in full pros, no MoBat). We had study and then weekly planned and then went to forum and had coordination. Next was district meeting, which I always love! Elder Sims talked about the power of our thoughts and it just made me think of Grandpa's letter to Uncle John. After we met up with the zone leaders to give them some stuff and then to the mission office to talk to Elder Holley (he's in charge of all the cars). Next we had dinner with a member, Jared. He took us to this super fancy restaurant! It was really good. 

Saturday we had MoBat in the morning. Sister O'Neill and I had a really cool tour with these two Chinese people and then this guy from Texas. The guy from Texas was a member and he just brought his co-workers. He'd never been there before but he still went through the Mandarin tour with them because he wanted to make sure they understood. So nice! After we were able to give his co-workers Books of Mormon in Chinese and they gave us their emails because they want to stay in contact! They said if we ever go to China we can stay at their place! Haha, sweet. Jackie & Rachel came and watched the Joseph Smith movie and then I took them on tour and we had a lesson with them after. After MoBat we went and saw Tanner. Apparently he is moving to Arizona to live with his dad. He is pretty excited about it because he's only seen his dad like twice in his life. Next we had dinner with the Ghanians! They made us Ghana food. It was delicious!! And I was soooo full. We watched Bible videos and talked to them about the atonement. 

Sunday we had MoBat and then went to sacrament meeting and then we had a special mission-wide fireside with Elder Gay from the Seventy. He talked about our power and that it is to astonish people and creating visions for ourselves. It was awesome! He also was a mission president in Ghana so we ran up to him after to ask a few questions and he said he would write our Ghanians a letter! So sweet. We had dinner with Emerald and Brittany and it was delicious and fun and then we went to the CES fireside with Elder Bednar! Such a wonderful day. Oh, also Nate Pratt came to the MoBat tonight! I missed him though :( I hope he comes back soon! 

Bowling with her district and Sister Riggs & Sister Pagel

Monday we had another full day. We had a lesson with a member about faith and then we had a lesson with Jackie & Rachel about the Plan of Salvation. They are loving everything they are learning! They said they want to know it's true, but haven't gotten an exact answer yet. We hope they do! Next we were going to try a finding activity involving music, but it wasn't working out so well and so after setting up at this park, we decided to just try street contacting and then we saw this girl reading the Bible so we started talking to her. She said she is so happy because God is so good to us and gives us all so much! She then told us that her family sold everything about 7 months ago and now just go day by day praying and asking where God wants them to go. They live in 2 big white 15 passenger vans with trailers on the back. They also are super musical so they go perform and "sing praises to God for people" they kept saying. They performed for us and they are REALLY good!!! Then we sang for them and then we all sang together! It was really cool. They are such a happy and strong family and would make great Mormons! But when we tried to talk about the Book of Mormon they just shut off :( but we hope we were able to plant seeds in their hearts. Oh, then this guy came up to me and asked if I have headaches and I said yes and he asked if he could pray for me so I said sure and then he like grabbed my hand and "healed" me. It was very interesting . . .  my headache did not go away, but I was happy for him that he loves God so much. Then we went to an appointment but they weren't there and we saw this lady and she told us that we have the Holy Spirit in our faces! We just looked at each other and we were like wow, . . .  this day is crazy, haha. We had dinner with Brittany which was delicious. She is so nice to us! Then we had a lesson with Raquel. I love her! We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy, praying, and reading the scriptures. She just gets everything. It is so great! Now we just hope she will tell her parents soon. 

Today! The reason I am writing so late is because this morning we went to the USS Midway with some of the elders in our zone. We got on for free through a senior Elder and it was fun! I am exhausted now, haha. We also got told today that our email rules are changing so we are being given more time to email! Sweet :) Well, I love you all a lot! I hope you have a great week! 

The gospel is TRUE :)

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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