Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2nd Letter

Dear Family,

Happy Fourth of July this week!! I love this holiday. I hope you all have fun celebrating! Here are the highlights from the week . . .

Tuesday night we had a lesson with Alan Klos about temples and then had Book of Mormon study with our ward. 

Wednesday were exchanges with Sister Pagel! We were reunited, haha. It was a lot of fun! She came to my area with me. We had temple first and it was perfect weather, but the kind of perfect weather that fools you into thinking you aren't getting burned when in reality you are! So we were pretty red after . . . but we met some awesome people! These 3 guys who were architects saw the temple and had to stop and we ended up teaching them a little about the restoration and it was cool. We had a lesson with Edgar Felix about service. He is so awesome. Next we had a lesson with Jorge, a less active whom I've never met. He's way cool though! We taught him about faith and how he can increase it. We were teaching him on the street and this guy ran by and as he ran by we both kinda felt like we should talk to him, but we were in a lesson, so we just kinda waved but then as we finished the lesson with Jorge and walking to our car, the same guy was running back! So we stopped him. His name is Ken and he's 18 years old and grew up Christian, but decided to take his own path in life. He is agnostic now and just not sure what he believes. We actually ended up having a really cool conversation and were able to answer some of his questions that he's been wondering about and the spirit was so strong! We know he felt it . . . so although he declined to learning more at that moment . . . I know the seeds were planted in his heart and we gave him our number so maybe he will call :) We went to the church to stop by enrichment and then we had a lesson with Nathan. We talked about his path to happiness and drew him a picture of his path. He said he will look at his picture every morning to help him make better decisions each day. We headed back and ended our exchange. Sister Pagel has grown so much and it was really cool to see that today. She is an awesome missionary!! She is so good at asking inspired questions.

Thursday we had training and then studies and then we weekly planned. We also had a lesson with Mary reviewing the restoration. We had MoBat!

Friday we had a full day! It was kinda a rough day because I have been sick (but don't worry, I am getting better!) We studied and then had district meeting. Elder Nichols is such a good district leader! We went to Saritas after for district lunch. I love that place so much. We talked to these 2 guys after who are sushi chefs and we gave them a Book of Mormon. Next we had a lesson with Kevin and we taught him the plan of salvation. He said it was cool because questions have been on his mind that the plan was able to answer. His dad recently had a heart attack and so he'd just been thinking a lot about our purpose on earth and what happens after we die. Thankfully his dad is okay, but it was cool that we had that lesson planned for him. We also gave him his baptism calendar to help him see what we need to do to prepare him for baptism. Next was a lesson with Shawn, a recent convert. He brought his friend Camille who doesn't really believe in God. We talked about faith and Camille opened up about a lot of things and said he feels like right now is his time to figure out what life really is about, so that was cool. And Shawn is so awesome! We had a lesson with Nathan, Seth, and Savannah next. We read 2 Nephi 31-32 with them and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and showed them the soap demonstration, which they loved. Seth is possibly the most mature 13 year old I've ever met . . .  ha he is definitely what his family needs right now. 

Saturday was Sister Mulipola's birthday! Woohoo! I love her. I call her my little samoan because she's from samoa haha. We studied and then had coordination. Our ward mission leader is so cool! He just does all he can to fulfill his calling. Now we just got to get our ward missionaries to want to do the same! The MoBat was great tonight. I love all the sisters I get to serve with here! They are all amazing. Sister Pagel, Davies, and I practiced a song.

Sunday we had ward council and then church. David and Nathan came to church! Shawn and Robert taught gospel principles and they did awesome! For third hour it was combined and this therapist lady from LDS family services came and spoke to us and it was soooooooooo sweet! She talked about how we all have this happiness cup and we find different things to help fill it, but that sometimes people poke holes in our cup and then we try to patch them up with other things, and that can work for while, but then something can neurologically trigger us and the holes get poked through again, but that we really need to get them fired and made whole again and she related that to the atonement and it was just so awesome! She talked about how we can't let the pains go, but that we must give them away to our Savior. Something else cool that she talked about was the sacrament. She talked about how trays have 2 purposes - to carry things to you and/or away from you and how that is exactly what the sacrament is for. The trays are used to carry the bread and water to us, and then after we partake it's like our sins/weaknesses/shortcomings are placed on the tray and carried away from us. We can have that EVERY week. Ahhhh so amazing! Heavenly Father loves us so much! We finished weekly planning after church and talked to Bishop forever about plans for the ward and then we had MoBat. Some Jesperson cousins came in tonight! I took them on tour. 

Monday I had the amazing opportunity to attend the secret meeting with Sister O'Neill! We were officially companions for a day! Haha so every month there is a meeting which used to be called zone leader council, but is now called mission leadership council. Anyway, it's for the zone leaders and sister trainers and they meet with President to discuss what's going on in the mission and we've always just joked and called it the secret meeting. It was such a sweet experience! We have such amazing leaders in this mission. We talked about some different issues going on in the mission and then got training on training meetings and also President talked with us about using the new "Hastening the Work" website with our members. We found out that this next transfer we are getting 31 new missionaries! Oh my goodness.. haha it is just growing and growing. We all got lunch after and it was just a lot of fun and lot of spiritual upliftment! We had MoBat after and Sister O'Neill and I had a meeting. 

Sister Rasmussen & Sister O'Neill with some of the elders at Mission Leadership Council

It was a great week! Busy as always, but that's the way I like it! I finished and started the Book of Mormon again! So that was a sweet experience as always. I once again asked if the book is true and I again received an answer that it is indeed true and for that I am so grateful. I love the Book of Mormon! I am reading it a little differently this time though and I am excited for what I am going to learn this time around. I read all the talks this week from the young woman broadcast and they were amazing! This is a quote I liked.. "When hard things come, I think it's easy to become stagnant and not really want to move forward, but if you put the Lord first, the adversities can lead to beautiful blessings. You can see His hand and witness miracles." I know that's true with all my heart! I love the tender mercies of the Lord each day. President Uchtdorf's talk from that was amazing as well! I love his analogies. And I loved this quote, "Heavenly Father's interest in you does not depend on how rich or beautiful or healthy or smart you are. He sees you not as the world sees you; He sees who you really are. He looks on your heart. And He loves you because you are His child." He really does love us all so much! 

Well anyways . . . haha sorry if that was rambling . . . but I love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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