Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12th Letter

Dear family,

Such a great week! And prepping for an even greater and crazier one! Woohoo! Here are the highlights...

Tuesday we hiked Potato Chip rock. It was AWESOME! Definitely another one of my favorite prep days. I have sweet pictures to show you. 
Potato Chip Rock

Wednesday we had zone meeting. It was the best one yet! We talked about making sure we are personally converted so that we can really testify with all our hearts. At the end they had those of us who are leaving bear our testimony. I wasn't as nervous for this one, haha. Less people. We had a lesson with Neina after. Laura came! We taught the word of wisdom and it was great. Neina said she drinks coffee a lot but she is willing to give it up. She is so wonderful. And she's excited for her baptism! I had a meeting with the Seegmillers and then mobat. Sister Patterson and I took this guy Jeppe on tour from Denmark. He was so awesome! He was super stoked that Sister Patterson and I both had Danish ancestors. At the end of the tour we just naturally started talking about the gospel. We found out he's agnostic and he actually just recently went on a 200 mile walk in spain to ponder about life and God. We basically taught him the restoration and it was awesome! We gave him a Danish book of mormon and he was so excited about it. He loves the fact that we have a modern day prophet. We got his email and we are going to keep in contact with him and see what he thinks about the book. Definitely the most open Danish person I have ever met! 

Sister R and her zone

Thursday happy birthday Cacia! I love you! This morning for training we watched Elder Bednar's talk the Character of Christ. It is soooo good! He talks about how we need to turn outward and stop being so self absorbed. Ahhhhhh! It's sooooo good! Helped me realize I definitely need to turn outwards a lot more. I also love how he quoted Elder Maxwell who said that Christ couldn't have performed the atonement without His character. Who he was and that's who we need to strive to become! First round of MTE's today. I got to go with Sister Davies and Patterson, aka two of my bestest friends! They are a powerhouse team! We actually had a really cool experience where we went to this park and met this awesome mom and her 3 kids. We just started out by inviting her to the Mormon Battalion and then ended up talking with her for about 45 minutes about the gospel. She is so cool! She agreed to have missionaries come over and teach her family more and get this.. she came to the mobat two days later and took a tour from us!! And her husband is awesome too! They are going to be such a sweet mormon family! We had some other cool lessons with some potentials. I loved being with them so much! They just lifted my spirits and I am so grateful for both of them and for the examples they are to me and for the friendship that we have. 

Sister Patterson, Sister Rasmussen and Sister Davies at MTEs

Friday was follow up MTE. President talked about being positive and it was awesome! We had mobat and then a SWEET lesson with Neina and edgar about baptism and confirmation and went over the interview questions with her and then she had her interview. Everything went amazingly well and she actually said it was a really sweet experience for her! We went to Edgar's to teach William. We talked about temples and Neina joined as well! We had a lesson next with Chris and Kassandra. I've really missed them! We talked about prayer and we each shared an experience of when God answered our prayers. 

Saturday we had fireside practice and coordination and then had mobat!

Cassie with Elder Esteban Villalobos. They grew up in the same ward and now serve in the same mission. 

Sunday was an awesome day. Ward council was great! Church was great! The pianist didn't show up for sacrament though so guess who got to play? Haha me. Relief society was such a great lesson about temptation and overcoming it. We had mobat and then my last mission president's fireside!! ahhhh. I love them. It was the best one yet. Jackie spoke! My recent convert from La Jolla and she did AMAZING! I love her. All the sisters who I am going home with from the mobat, we sang a song together. Six of us. Sisters O'Neill, Davies, Miller, Madsen, and Riggs. Some of my bestest friends! We sang a song called 'When He Comes For Me' and it was possibly one of the coolest moments of my life! To just stand up there with those six who I have served my whole mission with and to testify through song about everything we've done these past 18 months. I also was super nervous of course because I just get nervous in front of people.. especially in front of a lot of people! And to make things more nerve wracking.. I had a solo part. But I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and Heavenly Father helped calm my nerves and it all turned out wonderfully :) I got to see the Sadleir cousins.. they agreed to take my bedding to Utah for me because they are coming for thanksgiving. So nice of them! Julia and her husband came as well. Oh and I got to see David Yang! Yay!
The six sisters who entered the mission together. This is the night of the fireside. They all wore black and picked a different scarf. 

Cassie and her companion. She got new glasses that Cassie picked out. 

Monday I went on exchanges with Sister Huang! She is from Taiwan and she is unreal. I love her so much! I got to go chinese with her, haha so she taught me some more phrases. She also made me lots of fooood! For lunch she made me ramen with eggs and carrots. It reminded me of Megan, haha. We taught a less active and then contacted a referral and even though I really didn't have any idea what was going on... I could still feel the Spirit! It's so cool how the spirit works like that. I had a meeting with Sister Frampton and then mobat. Julia, her husband and her mother-in-law came in and I took them on tour! I got to hear her whole story about how her and her husband met. It was sweet! She also gave me some souvenirs, so nice of her! La Jolla had fhe at the mobat so it was fun to see all those people! Also my eye has been hurting me the past couple days and tonight my zone leaders had a lesson at the mobat and after they asked if I wanted a blessing so I got one and it was a really cool experience because some of my prayers got answered through what was said in the blessing. I kind of feel like Heavenly Father allowed my eye to get this way, so that I would get a blessing so He could talk to me more directly. It was cool! He is so AWARE of us. He loves us so much.

Cassie with some of our Sadleir cousins. People think Cassie and Sarah look a lot alike. 

Well if you didn't know.. the gospel is amazing :) haha just kidding I know you know that! But I am just so deeply grateful for it's clarity and simplicity.

I love you all!! Have the best week! 


Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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