Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18th Letter

Dear Family,

Hellooooo!!! We went to the temple today and it was amazing! But that now means I don't have much time to email.. so sorry this probably won't be as detailed as it should be which is unfortunate because it was a craazyy week, but anyways... here it goes! 

Tuesday we played volleyball with our zone and with some members in the Helix ward and it was so fun! We then had a great lesson with David and then had Book of Mormon study group. After we went to the mission home to pick up new sisters. Sister Squire from American Fork, Ut stayed the night with us. She is so cute! Whoever gets to train her is a lucky one.

Wednesday was transfers. So because there was only one sister coming to the battalion and I was the only one training... I knew what was going to happen to me, or so I thought. President says, "Helix YSA ward, Sister Rasmussen please stand. Sister Rasmussen will be training Sister Lehmitz." Everyone kind of laughed because we all knew and then President said, "She already figured that out. What Sister Rasmussen doesn't know though is that she is going to be the new Training Sister Leader at the battalion." That took me COMPLETELY off guard.. remember last week how I was feeling inadequate about training? Well yeah then this happens and I feel 200 times more inadequate. BUT once again.. I am grateful for the promise that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies. I am also excited for this opportunity to learn how to follow the Spirit even better and to be able to work closely with Elder and Sister Seegmiller and to work with Sister O'Neill, my training sister companion. And to be able to serve all the sisters here at the battalion more. It definitely will be an adventure! Because I am training, I got to go to the whole mission transfer meeting which made me excited because they are the best! Everyone is so excited. After that I had a meeting with the Seegmillers and Sister O'Neill and we got the whole schedule for the next transfer made and started planning other things. We then had battalion shift and I showed my new companion around. 

Thursday we had district meeting and then a lesson with SAm and Edgar. I love them both so much! I then had mobat and guess who came!?!? Sister Stevens!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh :) It made me soo soo soo happy! It's almost been a year since we were made companions. I love her a lot and I am so glad I got to see her! I met her mom and sister and took them on tour and we caught up and it was just so awesome. 

Sister Stevens dropped by for a visit
Friday was flag day! We had zone conference and it was soooooo good! We talked about making sure those we teach feel our love for them, because if they do, then they will more likely feel the Spirit and feel God's love for them. I received some sweet revelation for some of our investigators. I love that! We had mobat after and because of flag day we were having this big celebration program thing and so there were lots of people! 

Saturday we weekly planned and then had a lesson with David and Adrienne came. It was a powerful lesson! We helped David see that he does have a testimony and we told him that he is ready for baptism! We finally were able to figure out what really is going on and it's just that he is scared! He feels like baptism is such a big step and worthy goal and that after he gets baptized he wont' have something to work for, so we talked with him about the priesthood and temples and exaltation and how God always allows us to have something we can be working towards. He said he would pray about June 29. We coordination next. It was great! Dan is so awesome. I took 2 really awesome mandarin tours today at the mobat. 

Sunday happy father's day to the most amazing dad ever! I love you so much! Thank you for being the spiritual giant that you are :) I am constantly grateful for your example to me. We met with the Bishop before church and talked about our plan of action to help get the ward excited and more involved in missionary work. Sister Lehmitz was able to meet lots of people! After church we walked over to Nathan's house and he was just leaving so we said hello and tried to set up an appointment but he couldn't remember his work schedule so we said goodbye and decided to walk down the street and street contact, so we did! Then on our way back when we were passing Nathan's house, he pulled up again and said wherever he was going he didn't need to go until later and so we sat down with him and his brother and dad. He has an AMAZING story.. ahh. Their whole family is super into motor cross and about a year ago Nathan was doing an event that was going to determine whether he could go pro or not and he was in first place and then on his last race he crashed right on his head. They didn't think he would live, but he did! He was in a coma for a month and in the hospital for 4 months. He injured his right brain so his left side of his body was paralyzed and they told him he wouldn't walk again and told his parents he might not even talk again. Well now he walks and talks and can function almost completely normal! His dad talked about how grateful he was for the priesthood and it was just a cool lesson and cool to hear that story. It definitely strengthened my faith. We are going to convince Nathan to go on a mission! His little brother Seth is 14 and is also so awesome! We had mobat after that.

Monday we studied and then had a lesson wtih Alan. It was great! We contacted a referral after with Kassandra. His name is kevin and he's been through a lot! But he is super open and prepared. We were able to teach him the restoration and add him and commit him to be baptized at the end of July! It was an awesome lesson and a miracle. After I had a meeting with Sister O'Neill and the Seegmillers. I found out that President wasn't planning on changing the training sister leader after transfer planning, but a few days before transfers, he felt like I needed to be it. That was very humbling to hear. I am excited for this time to learn! 

My new companion is a straight up saint, ha. She is awesome! She's from Wyoming. She's like a little kid though. You know how when people want to be doctors and they are so excited about it and they just want to get in and start right away? But what they don't realize is that they have to take all these classes to prepare for it? That's kind of like how she is. She is super awesome at being a missionary and talking to people and bringing the spirit, but what's hard for her is that we have to plan.. and we have to call people to make appointments happen.. and we have to be efficient in our timing.. and just like the technicalities of missionary work.. so that's probably going to be the hardest part, but it will be great and I am glad the LOrd can help me and I am glad that I get to learn from Sister Lehmitz because she really just desires to follow the Savior and be the best missionary she can be.

I love you all soooooo much!! You are always in my prayers :) have a great week!

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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