Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4th Letter! Happy Birthday, Sister Rasmussen!

Dear Family,

Thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes and love :) You are all wonderful!! It's been such an awesome day so far! Here are the highlights from the week...

Tuesday night we had a lesson with David about service and Josh, a recent convert, came and he said the perfect things. Seriously our members are rocking it lately! Next was a lesson with Michael. We taught him the restoration and he just soaked it all up! Robert and Hailey came. His prayer at the end was so awesome! I am so grateful that we get to teach him.

Wednesday we studied and then had district meeting and then had a lesson with Mary about the priesthood. She is so excited to get baptized! We started weekly planning and then had mobat. I worked on some projects for the seegmillers.

Thursday we had training and went over short tours which was much needed. We temple and it was such a beautiful day!! We got to see a less active from our ward at the temple so that was cool. It was basically an answer to our prayers because we had lost her number and were trying to find it and instead of finding the paper, Heavenly Father just sent her to us to get it again! I met one of Spencer's friends. Jack Demooney or something? Anyways, he is super nice!! He was there with his family and he gave us money for lunch, so nice! After temple we met with Juan and talked about the priesthood. Juan is awesome. Next we had a lesson with Edgar Felix and read 1 Nephi 17 with him about building the ship and it was cool because that is exactly what he needed and last night we both had felt like we should read that story with him. Next we met with Adrienne and did some practices with her. Then we got a California burrito at Saritas and it was SOOOOOO good!! Wow. One of the best I've had. We were supposed to have a lesson with Nathan Duckett but he didn't show up so a member came contacting with us. We street contacted this guy named tow truck dave. Ha he was sweet! We finished weekly planning.

Friday we studied and then had a lesson with Sam about temples. He is so excited to go and do baptisms! We had a lesson with Mary next about temples as well and Emily came. Mary loves Emily! It was perfect. Mary really loved learning about temples and eternal marriage. We had a lesson with Alan Klos next about the atonement, particularly about forgiveness. He also needed that. I love how Heavenly Father knows exactly what all these wonderful people need and He lets us know through the Spirit. It's so cool! Mobat was next. Uncle Mark Jesperson, his friend Larry, Jenny, Mitch, Soren, Isaac, Eric, and Mckenna came in today! I got to give them a tour and it was super fun to see them! The twins are sooo cute! A bunch of La Jolla people came to the mobat so it was fun to see them! 

Saturday we had mobat and then we had coordination with our new ward mission leader, Dan. He is so awesome! He has such great ideas and just really wants to get the work moving in our ward! We had a lesson with David and Adrienne came. We just read with him in the Book of Mormon to help him understand better. Next we had a lesson with Alan Carson about repentance. Oh and I saw one of my friend's brother! 

Sunday we studied and then had ward council and then church! People were really great at telling Mary how excited they were for her to get baptized. We had break the fast after church and it was delicious! And the ward sang happy birthday to me, which was nice of them. We contacted and then had a lesson with Edgar and Sam about sacrifice and faith and how they are the pioneers in their families. We had mobat after.

Monday what a day! We had studies and then mobat and I went on a few tours and then Sister Woolstenhulme asked me to go look for her husband so I was walking out the front to go to gold panning and I see Paige around the corner and I was like what the... and then I see Karsten, Abby, Cacia, and Eden and they all ran towards me and screamed and gave me a huge hug and it was glorious :) I LOVED seeing them.. ahhh! We chatted and laughed and they caught me up with some things and then I took them on tour and they loved it and then we got to chat in gold panning and took pictures and then they were off! I was really grateful for that tender mercy that Heavenly Father gave me :) After mobat we had a lesson with Sam and we read in the Book of Mormon with him and then we contacted a lot! We saw a former, Rogelio and then we were able to add another former, Erica. She is so great! We talked with her about prayer and trust in God. and she is just open and ready!! 

With reading the conference ensign I have discovered one of my most favorite talks! 'For Peace at Home' by Elder Scott. I LOOOOVE it! One of my favorite quotes is at the end he says, "In response to our sincere prayers for guidance, He will direct us in what should be emphasized at each phase of our life. We can learn, grow, and become like Him one consistent step at a time." We can!! I am learning that so much on my mission, and that's all I want to do, is become like Him. He has provided us with all the tools and resources to do so :)

It was a great week! I can't believe I am 22... weird! Haha. I love you all soooooo much!! Oh and congrats to Jorgen and Maxwell for graduating!! Woooohoooo!!!

Sister Cassie Chea Rasmussen

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