Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29th Letter

Dear family,

Another great week! Here are the highlights . . .

Sister Rasmussen and Sister O'Neill's dresses are wearing out. 

Tuesday we went to the cliffs. I really love that place. That night William had his interview and was told after that he needed another interview just to clarify a few things. I think it hurt him a little, but he was trying to stay positive.

With the Afflecks and Sister O'Neill. We love them!

Wednesday we had mobat and Sister Jarrett and I organized all the Books of Mormon. We have so many languages! Sister Frampton and I had our meeting and had a really hard time figuring out who we should go on exchanges with and then we decided and made all the plans and it didn't feel right so we switched it up and it felt right. I think it's cool how Heavenly Father allows us to choose and decide what we think and then if it really isn't right.. He makes sure we know and we can choose to change it again to follow His will or just do what we want, but I have learned that when I make sure to follow His will, it always turns out better than I even imagined. We went on splits after and Adrienne and I went to Edgar's to teach William. William was like a different person. He was being super negative and had all these bible bash questions. We asked if he thought he had changed and he said no. We asked if he knew the Book of Mormon was true (which he's said yes before) but he said no. We finally just told him that he needed to pray and really figure this out. We then got back from splits and then Sister Lehmitz and I went to see a referral we have been trying to contact for forever! She was finally home :) We seriously know her whole family because of how many times we've tried stopping by. We taught her the restoration and she's way cool! When we invited her to be baptized, she said not until she's older and her mom like piped in and was telling her that she didn't need to wait and like teaching her what baptism really is haha and it was so cool! Her mom isn't even a member. Edgar called us after the lesson and said he had an awesome talk with William after we left. He said that the spirit was literally guided his words and he helped William see that he had changed and also shared with William his conversion story. William texted us later apologizing for being so negative and for saying that he hadn't changed because he knows he has and he knows it's all true. Ah :) His heart was softened. Edgar is so awesome. 

With Edgar and Sister O'Neill

Thursday we had training and we learned about fire safety! We got to do this awesome simulation with a fire extinguisher laser thing haha. After Sister Frampton and I had a leadership training meeting. IT was sooooooo goood! We talked about helping missionaries who are super stressed and also about baptismal interviews and about ministering vs administering. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a leader, obviously.. but I just want to always lead like He did. It was an awesome training though and gave Sister Frampton and I a better vision for the next few weeks. We had district lunch and then we had mobat. Sister Miller and I took the assistants investigator, Caroline on tour. She is incredible! Sister Huang and I had a really good chat that we both needed. I love her :) She's the one from Taiwan. 

Friday I went on exchanges with Sister O'Neill!! She came to Helix with me. I love Sister O'Neill so much. We had temple and we met this awesome family from Switzerland and they each speak like 6 languages! Then we met this awesome family from Romania. One of the daughters needed to use the bathroom so we sent them to the distribution center bathroom and the dad ended up buying all this stuff! LIke a picture of the temple and some journals haha and he got a for strength of youth for his daughter. He had no idea what it was, but he thought it sounded good. It was so cool! After we went to the mobat to have a lesson with William. We talked about the atonement and then he had another interview and it all went well! He's getting baptized :) He couldnt' stop smiling after. We went and taught Edgar and read 1 Nephi 4 with him and talked about having faith for the unknown. We went and ate some dinner and talked about the future. We both made goals and plans for when we go home of how we can best combine our two worlds.. haha I hope it works! We had a lesson with Robert and he taught us about faith. We are preparing him for his mission! He's such a cool kid. I really love Sister O'Neill and we both really needed today. I look up to her a lot. I am so grateful for all these amazing friends I am making on my mission. 

Saturday Brandon got married! Ah! I hope it was wonderful. This morning we went to the temple to help put up Christmas lights with our ward. It was so fun! I have been looking forward to this for a long time. We had district meeting and talked about companionship unity and then we had mobat. It was a little slower so we got things situated for William's baptism.

William's baptism

Sunday happy birthday Maxwell!!! I LOVE YOU! I hope it was a great day! And happy farewell day for Jorgen! I can't wait to read his talk. Ward council was great. We all were able to get on the same page with our vision for the Helix ward. It was Adrienne's farewell today and she did so great :) Sister Lehmitz and I taught gospel principles about repentance and then after church was William's baptism. It was such a sweet service! Sister Lehmitz and I sang for the musical number and both of the talks were superb. My favorite part most of all is when the person who got baptized bears their testimony at the end and William's was so sweet!! He talked about how much he's changed and how he's happier now and nicer to people and also how his family doens't really approve of what he's doing, but that he know he has a new family in the gospel! Ahhh so cool. We ate and weekly planned and then we had mobat.

Monday we had mobat in the morning. I took this tour and at the end the older couple from Idaho (mormons) really bonded with this cute mid 20s girl from Wales. They seriously talked for about and hour in the back. For part of the conversation I joined and she had such good questions about Mormons. She said she's a world religions teacher in England. She seriously is going to be mormon someday. She's awesome! Sister Frampton and I had a meeting and then we went to our area! We took Tiana a birthday card and treat for her birthday and then we met this awesome girl named Zaire. After we had a lesson with Neina about the Law of Chastity. Neina is getting a lot more comfortable with us so that's good and she really opened up and was so excited about everything and having more peace and the Spirit in her life. We had a lesson with Robert and he brought us delicious food and then we went to the Hanson's for fhe. We just stayed for the lesson part and Neina came and also this potential Joaquin! Yay! We were praying that after we left the ward really helped them feel welcomed and loved. We stopped by Kevin's. He said he didn't really have time so we asked if we could share a scripture really quick. It was so cool because I grabbed my scriptures and there was absolutely no scripture coming to my mind... so I just opened my scriptures right to Alma 31:31 "O Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ. O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me, because of the iniquity of this people." Apparently he's been going through a situation where other's actions have caused him some pretty big trials and so he said that is exactly what he needed to hear.. it's so cool! Heavenly Father is aware of all His children. He knew Kevin needed to hear that so he made sure a scripture didn't come to my mind so that I'd have the faith to just open them up and be right where I needed to be. Ahhhhhh. THIS GOSPEL ROCKS.

I am excited for another great week! I have been studying this talk recently that our mission president's wife asked us to read and it talks about how as we open our mouths (as members or missionaries) that just the fact that we are opening them.. shows Heavenly Father that we have faith and therefore will bring the Spirit more fully into our lives. I thought that was super sweet.

so much.


Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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