Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st Letter

Dear Familia,

Hello! Life is wonderful. Let me tell you about life here in San Diego. The Mormon Battalion shift is 9-3 or 3-9 except for Sundays and Tuesdays are different. We usually switch off morning or night shift every other day, and then the other half of the day we are in our area. Tuesdays are our preparation day and so the senior copules (mom and dad you should totally serve here) run the battalion until 5 and then we trade off having the Tuesday night shifts. Sundays vary, but we have 3 shifts so that the sisters can all attend at least Sacrament Meeting of their wards. It's a crazy busy schedule, but I love it! I love the variety. Also we are so blessed to have cars! Our area is about 30 min away, so it's a drive, but we do lots of practicing on our way there and back. I am definitely afraid for when I have to drive because there are so many freeways here! I feel like I could get lost in 2 seconds, but here is a miracle.... I know how to read a map now! Haha since I am the co-driver I am in charge of directions so I have definitely learned how to read a map.

This past week we got really organized and are starting to be more acquainted with our area. We have two investigators. Tana is an awesome guy and he has been taught by the missionaries for a long time. He knows it's true, but he himself said he just is having a hard time taking that leap and actually getting baptized. He travels a lot for work so it is hard to get in contact with him all the time, but we are going to help him see why he needs to take that step. Our next investigator's name is Melody. She is an awesome lady and she has been crazy busy with moving and her mom died a few weeks ago so we have been helping her move. She also knows the gospel is true, but she is scared to ask her husband if she can get baptized. She also has two adorable children. We are praying for her that the Lord will soften her husband's heart and that she will have the courage to ask him. We made a lot of calls this week. Oh one thing about our mission is that we don't tract! We can street contact, but we don't go knocking. We have a huge list of potentials so this week we have been calling them all and asking if we can come over and share a message with them about Jesus Christ. Most of them haven't answered, but the few that have answered were super hesitant at first but after talking to them for a minute, they said we could come over. We are meeting with most of those people the rest of this week and I am so excited! One of the things that is so hard for me is street contacting.. I don't know how to approach people without feeling like I am chasing them down or something... So if anyone has any good ideas of how to approach people? I would love the help.

So guess what amazing thing happened this week??? As some of you might remember, my mission president's wife is the daughter of Elder Ballard. So guess who was in town this weekend? Elder Ballard!!! Sunday night he had a special firside focused on investigators and less actives and pretty much all the stakes in San Diego were invited. It was so amazing! He basically just taught the first lesson and he taught it so powerfully and simply. It made me realize how I can better my teaching. One of the families in our ward who the dad isn't a member attended and we really hope that it touched his heart. Then yesterday morning, all the missionaries in my mission got a special meeting with him. He talked to us about how we must be terrific teachers, then he had a question and answer session. He also had President Clayton speak and he talked about the importance of being purified and sanctified. Oh goodness... It was all so amazing and I was sitting on the front row in the middle so it was just like a spiritual wall hitting me and I loved it! After we got to go shake his hand and say hi to him. He is so nice and kind and funny!! Wow. The whole time I was sitting there I was just amazed and grateful to be a part of that.

My companion still rocks. I love her so much! We have lots of laughs and good times, but we also know when we need to work hard. The Mormon Battalion is still awesome! I love it. I can now give solo tours without any worry. I definitely have had embarrassing moments during tours though, haha but I guess that has to happen to learn how to do them well. I still see people I know quite often. Elyse came in on Sunday with her in-laws!! Andrew was sick sadly. It was so exciting to see her. I love seeing people I know or people from Utah haha. Sundays are crazy at the battalion. It is just jammed pack and people are constantly coming. It is great though! I called my first referral from the mobat and it was a cool experience. He said I could send him a book of mormon and continue teaching him online, so I am starting to do that and hope that soon he will let missionaries in his area go teach him.

Well, I hope I gave you a little more info on how things are going here in San Diego. The weather is PERFECT :) I love you alll sooooo much! Thank you for your prayers. I can definitely feel that strength. I love this gospel so much and I love and am grateful for the opportunity I have to see miracles every day.

Sister Cassie Rasmussen

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